There are some opinions that I have about this season!

TDAS Swaps:Lindsay-Owen. Sam-Brick

Sam should not have competed!Brick should have taken place of him.

Also there is a not enough of development in:Jo and Heather,Lightning

Too much development in:Duncan,Gwen and Courtney

Gwen and Courtney!

Worst episode:Moon Madness

Best Episode:No one Eggspects the Spanish Opposition

Best Challenge:Boat Race

Worst Challenge:Boxing

Character Opinions:

Lindsay:Don't have an opinion, didn't have enough screen time

Lightning:Really Annoying

Jo:Really wanted more development with the conflict with Heather

Sam:I thought he would make it to the merge this season

Heather:I actually thought she got the perfect amount of development,her conflict with Alejandro was really interesting.

Sierra:Great amount of screen time,but her Cam obsession got annoying!

Duncan:Loved how he turned into a softie!

Cameron:Loved his obsession to get Sierra off,he had a great time on the show!

Alejandro:Loved him really wanted to see him go farther,though!

Tell me your Opinion!

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