This is my couple opinions and the seasons they were in.Hope you enjoy!More coming soon!

Total Drama Island

This will feature:Duncan and Courtney,Gwen and Trent,Lindsay and Tyler,Geoff and Bridgette,and Owen and Izzy.

Courtney and Duncan

a.k.a. Duncey. This was the second best relationship development.Duncan's bad side met Courtney's good side!Well that good side didn't last long!At first when Duncan saw her he instantly fell for her.You can tell by Duncan constantly trying to hook up with her and the pet names.As the series progresses she starts to develop the same feelings.Duncan started her drive into madness when he and she did something bad and when Harold voted for her,she felt she had to win.Also this was a very interesting couple and it would have been more developed if Courtney made it farther.Overall 10/10.

Gwen and Trent

a.k.a. Gwent This was the best relationship development by far!Then Heather had to ruin it all,twice!Also the Phobia Factor challenge took a big hit on the relationship!There were three big hits on the relationship.Heather reading the diary out loud,the Phobia Factor challenge when Trent forgot about Gwen,also when Heather manipulated Trent.I liked how they masked their feelings for each other,even though they knew they both liked each other.In the finale they came back together when Trent confessed his love for her.Overall 9/10.

Lindsay and Tyler

a.k.a. Lindler This was the fourth best relationship development.Lindsay and Tyler could be the only couple to ever like each other from the straight beginning.It was really funny when they tied each other in strings!Then Heather just had to but in!She overreacted and flipped out.They were always flirting which actually made me really mad!It was really annoying.It was really funny when she messed up his name at his elimination!Overall 5/10.

Geoff and Bridgette

a.k.a. Gidgette This was the third best in relationship development.Geoff kept on grasping to get Bridgette to like him.He said dumb stuff when he talked to her.It was funny when he said you pitch a tent like a guy!LOL!Geoff finally got Bridgette to harbor the same feelings.When he joined the guys alliance he was really shaky.He acted like he voted for her,but we found out that he could not betray Bridgette.When they almost kisses Geoff finally won Bridgette.Overall 7/10.

Owen and Izzy

a.k.a. Ozzy This was the worst relationship development in this season.They were the funniest and the craziest though!The relationship progressed through the series,especially after the merge.Most of it was on Owen's side though.They were both oddballs who were attracted.Though the more Owen loved her the more she had loved back.Overall 4/10.

Total Drama Action

This will feature Duncan and Courtney,Gwen and Trent,Geoff and Bridgette,Owen and Izzy,and Beth and Brady.Will finish it soon.

Duncan and Courtney

a.k.a. Duncey

Gwen and Trent

a.k.a. Gwent

Geoff and Bridgette

a.k.a. Gidgette

Owen and Izzy

a.k.a. Ozzy

Beth and Brady

a.k.a. Breth This was the least relationship development in this season.Everyone believed that this couple was fake.I mean how could Beth get a supermodel boyfriend.Man was I shocked in the finale.Apparently Brady has done every single charity job in the world.This couple would be like Heather in love with Harold.Yeah I just said that.Overall 8/10.

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