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    This is a blog for the characters that have been closed after TDAS.

    Duncan-He could have had one more season to redeem himself from the love triangle.Now he is in real big-boy jail for about 20 years.He will not compete in an other season since he literally can't compete.

    Mike-Since his MPD is gone he has no plot lines left.He most likely will return then be a throw away character for that season to give others the redemption they need.

    Zoey-Without Mike she is just a Beth.Everybody already hates her(not me),so the producers will not bring her back for another season.They will just bring back Owen,so he can do fart jokes.

    Courtney-She is over with Duncan,Gwen and Scott.They will most likely bring her back to eliminate 1st or 2nd so others won'…

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  • Tyler.woodward.125

    This was the first superior team on Total Drama.This team was more drama-ish.It had Heather's alliance.Also just plain Heather!The final three did consist of all Screaming Gophers.This team actually was similar to the Screaming Gaffers.They were both very dysfunctional,as well as the name.It was always funny when every second Heather was yelling and bossing her team around.This was the first team was the first to have the finalists be from their team.This was number 8 on my rankings!

    This was the first inferior team on Total Drama.I wish Courtney made it to the merge.Although,for the small screen time the Killer Bass had, Duncan and Courtney were screen hog gears.This team had 1 similarity with the Killer Grips.They were both worse than the…

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  • Tyler.woodward.125

    Couple Opinions

    December 11, 2013 by Tyler.woodward.125

    This is my couple opinions and the seasons they were in.Hope you enjoy!More coming soon!

    This will feature:Duncan and Courtney,Gwen and Trent,Lindsay and Tyler,Geoff and Bridgette,and Owen and Izzy.

    a.k.a. Duncey. This was the second best relationship development.Duncan's bad side met Courtney's good side!Well that good side didn't last long!At first when Duncan saw her he instantly fell for her.You can tell by Duncan constantly trying to hook up with her and the pet names.As the series progresses she starts to develop the same feelings.Duncan started her drive into madness when he and she did something bad and when Harold voted for her,she felt she had to win.Also this was a very interesting couple and it would have been more developed if Co…

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  • Tyler.woodward.125

    Mine is TDWT for the best,TDRI for the worst!NO MIKE AND ZOEY BASHING!!!I like TDWT because of the teams and the classes.Team Victory's Hysterical losing was awesome.As well as Amazon's Wining streak.Not to mention Team Chris's Second place ness.For TDRI,I love all seasons,so I had to pick the one I like the least.It was just the lack of character development.

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  • Tyler.woodward.125

    Mike and Zoey are Over

    I am really sad to say this,but Mike and Zoey plot lines are over.Mike will become the new Trent,and Zoey will become the new Beth.That is because they just both simply had 2 season plot lines.Mike has gotten rid of his Multiple Personality Disorder,which means he is just nothing.Just like when Trent and Gwen were over that meant bye-bye Trent.When Zoey's frustration about Mike's Multiple Personality is over so is she.Just like when Beth proved herself and topped everybody else in Total Drama Action.Now they have nothing just bland people.I really liked Mike.His MPD made him really interesting!Zoey was also really good!Unlike the Gwuncey love Triangle,the Anne Zike one was really interesting!I was actually really imp…

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