Well, stuff happened, and we rapped. Twas fun.

2.0: Am I supposed to be mad?

I feel kind of sad.

That you can't think straight.

Your logic is BAD.

I accept this battle.

A dance for us two.

But if anyone falls, let's face it, it's you.

Sierra: If you thought I was mad, I think I'd pay attention

Emcee Ashley's rapping so class is in session,

You better cram your studying if you wanna survive,

Because you won't earn a penny, with your year old rhymes!

Your brain's as small as the head of a pin! A brain cell on that? WHY THERE NEVER HAS BEEN!

2.0: (sarcasm) Capital letters. Oh how did I know?

I would much rather have someone...what's the word..better at this, as my foe.

Can you speak up? I'm a bit hard of hearing.

Over the cliff is where you must be steering.

Twilightlicious: Ashley may be out of lives, but I just got a one up.

Prepare to face my rhymes, or just shut up.

2.0, you may think your so fine.

But I'm the 3.0 rapper of all god damn time!

You think you're all that, because you run a show on wikia.

But guess what? No actually gives a fu-

The name's Twilightlicious, remember it forever.

Forget Jesus, because I am now your saviour.

2.0: Twilightlichious.....You have a weird name.

I wish I could take it and put it in frame.

Your rhymes are actually pretty good.

I have nothing to say.

After Sierrstalker leaves, we should all partay (is frantically looking for things to insult Twilightlicious)

Your icon is crazy! They eating ice cream!

You aren't as talented and cool as you seem.

I'll take you one down with nothing, not even luck.

When I looked at your icon I screamed WHAT THE ****

Twilightlicious: Thinking weirdly of my many icons, yeah I get that a lot.

But now that everyone's heard me rap, you're career's starting to rot.

My name, you don't like it, well that's just too bad.

Don't disrespect the inferior, because we're likely to kick your @$$

I'm Twilightlicious motherducker, I am the best of all!

Your talent level? For rapping? That's a bit to small

2.0: My career is at it's peak.

You can't level with me, you can't speak!

I rule the battles, icons and camps spots too.

I am practically wiki god! Who the hell are you?

I wish that I could continue to chat.

But reality is what I'm better at.

I don;t need to be among scum.

I went to the Chum Bucket..they gave me fum.

Brick: Twighlight I say that's enough.

Your rhyming is a little rough.

Seriously, yous stand no chance.

Anyone could see that, with just a glance.

2.0 isn't alone on this one, hes got a partner, and hes almost done.

But before I end this, I have one thing to say:

actually, I wont waste my breath.

You already lost anyway.

Twilightlicious: Oh, hello Brick! You must be 2.0's life partner!

I don't care who I'm rapping, if you want to beat, then try harder!

2.0 must be a miserable rapper, he can't do anything alone.

PS - Your voice is way out of tone.

Brick: Funny, twight, id love to do this all day and night.

Although, I have a busy life.

No 2.0 is not my wife, but we could take you down , Adah in the strife.

So listen up, this isn't dine till now.

I refuse to go to twighlight, and bow!


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