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    Where bascially all you do is comment who loses, etc. It's not that I hate them, but there are heaps around, and they kinda rip off all the othamaer ways. No offence though, but it's kinda bothering me where there are like Total Drama if we were the makers, Total Drama in real life, The Spinner, The Twist and basically you do the same thing in them all. 

    That's just my opinion.

    Hitomi power up! 11:21, December 3, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Twilightlicious

    Well, stuff happened, and we rapped. Twas fun.

    2.0: Am I supposed to be mad?

    I feel kind of sad.

    That you can't think straight.

    Your logic is BAD.

    I accept this battle.

    A dance for us two.

    But if anyone falls, let's face it, it's you.

    Sierra: If you thought I was mad, I think I'd pay attention

    Emcee Ashley's rapping so class is in session,

    You better cram your studying if you wanna survive,

    Because you won't earn a penny, with your year old rhymes!

    Your brain's as small as the head of a pin! A brain cell on that? WHY THERE NEVER HAS BEEN!

    2.0: (sarcasm) Capital letters. Oh how did I know?

    I would much rather have someone...what's the word..better at this, as my foe.

    Can you speak up? I'm a bit hard of hearing.

    Over the cliff is where you must be steering.


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