Noah, Abbey Road, London, Episode 13, "..." after the episode title,,, Interesting.

Alright. To all those who care and in lieu of recent events and opinions, I think it’s time I cover my “Kidnapping Theory” in full. And also look at it in such an angle that perhaps is not as far-fetched as first imagined.


THE picture

As you all know by now if you stalk the Archives every ten minutes like I do, then the apparent “spoiler” pic of Owen, Blainely, Alejandro, a toqueless Ezekiel and a Toque-wearing Noah all looking frightened to death at some upcoming event off-screen has been imprinted in your minds. (I myself saved the pic to my iphone to stare at it often.) At first it was written off as a fake and ridiculously well drawn fan art, the exact details and events of the discovery of this pic not given second thought past the immediate reaction of “This pic looks way too cheesy to be real, why would they bring Noah back, it can’t be real just because it can’t be, etc. etc.”.

If you look under the sub-headings “pictures” and “Niagara Falls Thought…”, the other wonderful evaluators and users on the site have already pretty much covered in detail what I wanted people to see and understand about this picture. So this will continue with the now becoming supported idea that The picture is indeed a spoiler picture.

From this we can confirm pretty much the return of Ezekiel, and also now Noah at some point. Which in turn sets up the “Kidnapping Theory”:

Something happens to Noah in the 13th episode of the series, “I See London..."

We know this because in the 14th episode descriptionOwen is “missing his little buddy Noah and worries that he’ll be next”. I won’t lie, at first glance I had the immediate reaction of pretty much any Noah fan alive who read that. A resounding NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in great length, with my brother right at my side threatening to hit me with a pillow if I didn’t get sane again momentarily. It’s as Musou stated in the episode talk page. It seems whenever anything bad happens to Noah, us fans simply resort to “WTF NO!! BURN DOWN THE STUDIO!!” (Very accurate reaction by the way).

We get caught up in the moment, and immediately turn to some theory or hope. Yet the sad thing we all figured we knew about Noah, was that he simply isn’t the type of contestant who would want to return. Izzy can be the type who wants to, and perhaps she affects Noah more than he lets on if he manages to take a leaf out of her proverbial book on not knowing when to quit (not that we’re upset about that of course). It’s just that from the four episodes we had in season 1, Noah really could care less. He was just that type of competitor. And we accepted that. Somewhat. Yet now here comes season 3, and it seemed Noah had undergone something of a personality improvement. His select snarkiness we all loved from before remains, but starting in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, we all stopped for a second.

He helped with a challenge.

Yukon noah advice

Listen to me! I know science!

In Broadway, Baby, Slap Slap Revolution, and what appears to be The Am-AH-Zon Race, Noah is shown participating, and dare I say actually caring about this competition. He wants to win. He wants to go farther than the very sad 22nd place he got last time; because of his pride or real desire for some money, we may not know.

He’ll never admit it in your face, but Noah desires something out of this competition just like the rest of them all. He chose to become Chris’s “long-suffering assistant” for goodness sakes! When would Noah ever stick around in a situation that requires work on his end, unless it was for either an ulterior motive, or perhaps the reason that Noah missed this business. He realized what he missed out on too early before. He stuck around in hopes of being picked up for season 3? Eh, maybe even a little too far-fetched for this “changed” Noah, but I’ll leave it out there.

My point being for this change in Noah, is whether you want to see it or not, Noah and his attitude towards this series has actively changed. If such a case presented himself, and Noah found there was no other way to go, he would attempt to stay on, rather than actively invest time trying to get out of the situation of returning. So now back to London.

What if, as some people have started to consider, Noah doesn’t get voted out this episode. There’s a large difference between leaving, being forced to leave, or go missing, than there is simple elimination.

We know Team Chris and who it contains at this point, with the only possible add-on being Duncan. Whether he comes back in London or the following episode Greece we can’t be sure. But tackling both sides, let’s look at the votes Noah would have to get.

Owen and Noah have developed something of an unexpected friendship, the guy being one of the many TD teens who haven’t bothered to hold Noah’s past attitude against him. Without any tampering from anyone at all, Noah wouldn’t receive a vote from Owen, Tyler would follow suit in the same fashion as Owen (yet to a lesser degree), and Izzy would just vote like Izzy does. Yet she and Noah also have something of a relationship going on. I believe she wouldn’t vote for him unless there’s active reason. And Noah would never vote for himself, not anymore. So just Team Chris alone that’s 4-1, 3-2 if Tyler possibly holds Noah’s quirp about him being Tyler against him (which really isn’t that plausible now that he is remembered). It Duncan returns this ep and is part of the voting ceremony (which I doubt since it would make Team Chris up one player, and it would make more sense for Duncan to appear after the absence of Noah to even up the teams), then of course the original conflict between these two could be reopened, or he could easily follow suit with Alejandro in getting rid of the only other aware/somewhat sane member on the team. Yet still even then it would be 4-2.

So pretty much unless Alejandro “tampers” or “influences” more votes in Noah’s direction, him getting voted out simply doesn’t hold water.

But Alejandro having a hand in all this is exactly what I was going to cover next.

In the latest episode, Noah seems to finally be catching on to what Alejandro is playing, due to his comments about “Giving the enemy a pep talk man? Not cool,,” and his annoyance at Alejandro throwing the challenge. Not to mention his acting. Good gosh, Noah of all people should catch Alejandro’s fail attempt at shame. So Alejandro now realizes Noah is in fact “brilliant” (more brilliant than you Mr. Only 163 IQ D=<), and something of a liability. His genuine friendship with the other team members Al could look on in fear, for he realizes that if Noah is given ample reason too, he can easily convince the others that they should vote for the real menace, Alejandro. And of course, Al won’t take that. Just as Noah could, Al could “swing” the votes, yet must do so in a blatantly obvious manner, since Owen would need it spelt out to him why Noah should go, Tyler would question why, and Izzy would just be Izzy about it. In any case, Noah would be voted out unfairly, due to scheming by the New Heather.


Persistance pays off,, literally?

And as any person who cares about winning would do, they would not be happy with this at all. Noah would realize this, and bring it up on the aftermath at least. When he’s annoyed or displeased, the guy lets you know. Albeit with a tongue that could slice metal, but he does. And while you think his complaints would go on deaf ears, remember Courtney managed to pull an appearance in TDA that she shouldn’t have, because of her unfair elimination in TDI. So justice works in this world. Somewhat twisted I know, but it’s there.

But back to the main theory at hand.

Being voted out simply doesn’t seem to be fairly possible at this moment in the competition. So of course like any good and delusional Noah fan I theorize about the alternative options.

This episode is in London. And in this episode, part of the challenge is to look for Jack the Ripper. (Musou if you can link me where you got that episode description I’d be most thankful).

Now Jack the Ripper if you do not know is an acclaimed serial murder and killer of “harlots” back in the late 1800’s. He only struck at night, and to this day his true identity is unknown. Now because Chris is all the twisted sadist we know he is, of course he would let forth the teens to find this “suspected” killer. (Granted I don’t think a time period check brought up by Noah would change his mind). So already this episode we’ll be going into with a somewhat darker sense than usual, for a TD episode. I can easily see the picture on the left (Note how it’s night outside the window. The best time to arrive in London if they’re searching for Jack the Ripper. Not to mention Noah would seize the moment and showcase what we figured was him finally cracking scene, to just an attempt at a demented “Jack! The Riiippah,,,” to get everyone creeped out. Oh Noah how I love you,,,)

This episode is also where I believe Team Amazon at least manages to stumble on into the Tower of London, and find a lovely Henry VII era torturing room. Now being mean to Heather I can understand, and this scene probably could be found in the episode’s song if anything, but still the fact remains. Having her victim to a stretching rack that was used in the time to rip off from the bone and flesh the limbs of it’s victims,, too much Gwen and Courtney. Too much. But, it shows us again that this episode is going to be something on the more mystery, horror, and “suspenseful” side. Which only adds to my theory again.

In the city that Sherlock Holmes was resident too, why can’t the Total Drama cast be subject to a little mystery? Say,, the disappearance of Noah!! /DUNDUNDUUUUUUUUN!!!

Seriously now though, why not? Noah perhaps is the unluckiest contestant on the show when it comes to personal safety or self-preservation, only outmatched by Cody really. Even Tyler hasn’t been in as many scrapes as the egghead as. An aspect that seems to be new to his character in World Tour, but what if it was to be for a reason? Haven’t you now as a viewer somewhat acknowledged the fact bad stuff happens to Noah? Was this subtle planning on the writers’ part so that by the time we got to London, the idea of Noah getting kidnapped or lost would be something reasonable? Now I could be giving the writers’ too much credit, but if all goes as how I see it, I’ll have a newfound respect for these writers forever. And that's not all entirely based on the fact they would have brought Noah back.

Anywho, I’m saying that in this London episode, more so than any we have seen this season, if something was “to be afoot”, in taking the words from the great Holmes, it would be here.

If anyone in this competition was going to get kidnapped due to simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it would be Noah.

Add the two together and you get a guy who is being held against his will, verbally assaulting the ear off of his captor through well-placed snarks and statements.

Now, when in the next episode Owen is described “missing his little buddy Noah”, that alone is something of an interestingly written summary is it not? We all know that pretty much the only emotion Owen actively displays is joy, hunger, or contentness with any given situation. It takes a lot to get him sad. Since Owen has also been in TDI and TDA, we can also see that whenever anyone else he has been friends with has been voted off, he really didn’t make a point to have it get to him for more than the three seconds he may give a hug to the leaving contestant. My point being, Owen doesn’t let what’s going on bother him.

So why does the summary make so big a point that Owen is actively showing an emotion other than cheer the episode following Noah’s absence, and worrying that he may be “next”? At first I thought the latter was naturally fear of getting voted out next, since Owen only now seems to be realizing that maybe Alejandro doesn’t love him as much as he first thought. But since this is Owen, such fears should be immediately forgotten the second the next challenge or piece of food comes along. Owen is not the type to go through a challenge worrying that if he doesn’t perform, Alejandro is going after him next. It’s out of character, and simply doesn’t make sense.

Now Owen being scared because of Noah’s possible “mysterious” disappearance? That I can see. Some events in this show have lasting effects, Beth’s Tiki Idol and The Mummified Dog’s curse coming to mind. Owen is naïve enough to fear the somewhat mystical disappearance of his friends one by one, if given enough evidence to believe it was possible. Which A) For Owen means not that much, and B) The atmosphere of this London ep should prove to be more than enough.

The guy is probably around 300 lbs., and of course he would be scared that this mysterious “kidnapper” or “Jack the Ripper” will get to him next. Why not Owen, and whoever else realizes Noah’s abrupt disappearance, believe that Jack the Ripper could have “got him”?

Why not Owen, and whoever else realizes Noah’s abrupt disappearance, believe that Jack the Ripper could have “got him”?


Close friends this season

Alejandro could take advantage of this, and spread like wildfire the rumor that Noah mysteriously vanished. He knows it would greatly dishearten and scare Owen, and finally push him in a position that would give Al the ability to vote off perhaps his least favorite teammate (Honestly, if Al wanted to vote off someone, I would think Owen over Noah would be priority).

Chris would be Chris and either know the truth and not care enough to disclose it, or simply take the idea and run with it, not giving a second thought. Most of the competitors (ie: Gwen, Courtney, Duncan) wouldn’t even think back twice. They have their own drama to worry about.

Which also leads to another reason why Noah would be momentarily taken out of the picture.

Is it coincidental that Noah’s leaving and Duncan’s return is either in the same or within an episode of? The reason why Duncan returns is to somewhat resolve the zod-forsaken triangle that has been set to go down ever since the events in TDA (Keep in mind I am extremely neutral and pretty much indifferent to this aspect of the show, so bare with me if I seem too harsh or rushed through this).

We know all the side-plot time will be spent on the inevitable:

Duncan comes back. Gwen is happy. Courtney is happy. Gwen kisses Duncan. Duncan realizes it’s better to be with Gwen. Gwen isn’t sure yet. Courtney smells something’s up. The three “bond” in Australia. Team Amazon loses. Courtney and Duncan have a fall out. Gwen gets found out. Courtney is mad. Gwen goes bye-bye. Duncan is sad. Duncan is mad. Duncan and Courtney want to kill each other. Duncan and Courtney are paired up for the Niagara Falls challenge. Oh look, NOAH AND EZEKIEL ARE BACK! Duncan and Courtney end and Duncan and Gwen get together. Those three now can shut up and we can hear more about Ezekiel and Noah’s Excellent Adventure.

Yeah I don’t get it either, but I guess they couldn’t handle Noah being in the show while the triangle played out. Couldn’t handle Noah being the voice of those who could care less about those three and risk “offending” them I guess. No matter to me. The timing seems too perfect to not be planned out.

So now that we have motive within Noah’s character to return if wrongly voted off, reason why he shouldn’t easily be voted off, an excuse in the episode for something foul to happen, an Owen reaction supporting the mysteries surrounding Noah’s disappearance, and well-planned timing for the leave/return of Noah, I suppose what this all boils down to is how. Or even why.

Not “Why now” since I just covered that, but more rather “why” as in motive.

Which we all know points fingers to the toqueless Home Schooled in the picture.


"I'm not going anywhere! This game's mine eh."

Now here is where I admit I can’t be as sure, since Ezekiel as a character I don’t follow as much as the bigger fans of his out there. But I do know that his cameos throughout the show ever since his “elimination” in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2 are most likely alluding to another return. Ezekiel wants to come back, and is sick of being the first one voted off in his two appearances in this show. So he got a little more,, persistent this time around.

Ezekiel obviously made a deal with Ryuk and received the Shinigami Eyes, and/or sold his soul to the devil to obtain the ability to scale the wings of planes and disappear into the mist at will.

Pretty much means good ‘ole Zeke is here to stay, whether Chris likes it or not.

So of course what better way to return than right after the trying events of the CDG triangle, where Chris may be at a short end, and just wanting to get this darn challenge over with. (I’m sure Blainely is going to be yapping Chris’s ear off with complaints on why she has to participate at all). Ezekiel, being the master of timing as he is will then pop up, Noah in tow, which would lead Chris to: “O.o, … , -.- , -,-; , @#$%!” Give or take an emote or two.

Point being this show loves to torture everyone. I say it’s Chris’s time to get out some of the frustration he’s been dishing out on this show for ages.

Now that’s more a thought than anything, since in all honesty. I have yet to really piece together how Noah and Ezekiel manage to team up. For all we know they just appear separately, but Noah wearing Ezekiel’s toque does offer an interesting scenario.

An Ezekiel bent on revenge decides to once again grab his red eyes and act as a supernatural being on the London episode, and unknowingly acclaims the role as temporary “Jack the Ripper”. He grabs the first person he sees, holds them hostage in the cargo hold, and now the fanfic writers can rejoice for the Captor/Captive Ezekiel/Noah stories will be thrust in some truth.

Or Noah could just accidentally fall into the cargo hold and get locked in (I could see that happening for a few episodes, but not in the entire five episode gap set to unfold), or even Ezekiel leaves the plane when they land in London, have everyone freak out and run from him as he prowls the streets at night since he becomes that episode’s “Jack the Ripper”, managing to run into Noah and grab him in the progress.

Or maybe Noah does get wrongly voted off by Alejandro, but Spider Zeke saves the day and thrusts out a web to catch the egghead before he plummets to his death over the Thames. The two then conspire their return sneakily.

Honestly, I’m all for a Ezekiel/Noah interaction of any kind. Shoot, I think I could warm up to the idea of a relationship between Ezekiel/Noah than Cody/Noah. (Perhaps because they have more in common than the latter?)

Whatever happens to involve Ezekiel with Noah will most likely be defined, and perhaps here the crafty schemer that we all know was originally Noah will resurface. His character is developing at a fast pace, who we are seeing is the true Noah being defined in every episode we see him in. No longer I think can we think back and say Noah would never do this or that, because of his “jerkiness” that was prevalent in TDI. As fans, I think the idea of Noah actually wanting to win, wanting to succeed and stick around, and use his brain to figure out any way possible to do so is something we need to get accustomed too.

My final theory stands as thus:

  • In the episode I See London..., Noah will either go missing through fault of his own or get kidnapped by Ezekiel, and have his disappearance brushed off by Alejandro and Chris.
  • The former will tell his team and anyone else who cares that Noah simply vanished, and Chris will take that as an elimination (Team Chris is almost certain to lose the challenge here, and since Chris pretty much satisfied as long as someone’s out, he’ll take Noah’s disappearance as a vote off).
  • During this time the Courtney/Duncan/Gwen Triangle will be given the time and audience to get resolved, or at least come to a head by the time Ezekiel and Noah return in the Niagara Falls episode that is episode 19.
  • At this point in the competition Alejandro, Cody, Duncan, Owen, and now Ezekiel and Noah remain, with Courtney, Heather, and Sierra still there for the girls. Blainely will serve as a “filler” contestant for Owen.
  • Whether Ezekiel and Noah will be paired up remains to be seen.
  • This will have 9 active contestants in the game.
  • Now either a double elimination like Fedora Kid theorizes will take place, or there will be a Final Three to choose from in the season finale. What’s risky with the double elimination is that without Noah and Ezekiel, the final 7 is exactly what the Spanish VA of Duncan said would be. But that’s an entirely separate discussion for another time. I personally don’t believe him. But it’s something to think about.

Now this comes off crazily far-fetched, and my theory falls apart instantly the second we know of whether The picture is fake or not. But I'm going to take all this in stride like I usually do, and think outside the box. If Noah and Ezekiel return in this fashion, whether it be through Noah's own unlucky fault or Ezekiel taking him hostage (honestly I would be perfectly fine with the latter), if somehow the writers pull out a twist of this proportion on the show, I the viewer will forever be in awe. It's thrilling to think about. Equally more so that with Noah returning, our pleas and hopes have been realized. Noah has become, in but four episodes in TDI and now 7 in TDWT, a character they deem worthy enough and popular enough that we would care, we would love to come back.

Eight pages on Word, two hours of writing, half an hour of re-writing/pasting after a window malfunction, and I can say that I stand by this theory of mine.


And with this I leave you but a phrase that described my favorite pairing in another cartoon, Avatar the Last Airbender, to a T:

"Instead of seeing what they want you to see, you gotta open your brain, to the possibilities." - King Bumi

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