• Tutudragon16

    Alright. To all those who care and in lieu of recent events and opinions, I think it’s time I cover my “Kidnapping Theory” in full. And also look at it in such an angle that perhaps is not as far-fetched as first imagined.

    As you all know by now if you stalk the Archives every ten minutes like I do, then the apparent “spoiler” pic of Owen, Blainely, Alejandro, a toqueless Ezekiel and a Toque-wearing Noah all looking frightened to death at some upcoming event off-screen has been imprinted in your minds. (I myself saved the pic to my iphone to stare at it often.) At first it was written off as a fake and ridiculously well drawn fan art, the exact details and events of the discovery of this pic not given second thought past the immediate react…

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