Hey, if you were bored enough to read this blog post, props to you. I'll be counting down my 25 least favorite Total Drama moments. And because a bug isn't letting me add pictures to the post (or anywhere in the Wikia), apologies there. Now to begin this boring countdown...

25) Courtney's Demise: Sundae Muddy Sundae- Sundae Muddy Sundae is arguably one of the few episodes of Total Drama I can't stand. The challenge was boring and childish and it derailed Courtney... again (the first was in Haute Campture). But focusing on Courtney's demise, Courtney made a chart of her plans, saying she'd take Scott to the end because he would let her win. Mal somehow got a hold of the chart and revealed it to everybody else. The fact that they revealed this in the teaser made the entire episode predictable, but hey... blame me for watching it. Throughout the entire challenge, Courtney only cared about winning and she acted similar to how she did in Total Drama Action. She was about to win, but Chris changed the challenge in a painfuly obvious way, saying "I wouldn't feed that to my interns (Which is an OOC moment by the way)". Enough ranting about Chris' OOC, Chris changed to challenge on purpose to get Courtney eliminated. It seemed like he wanted to push Courtney down, which to me isn't being a good host. It'd be like you making a game for your friends to play, but sabatoging all the materials for one of your friends. Her elimination was a setup and it scrapped ALL of the development Courtney got in TDAS in favor of this atrocity we call Sundae Mudy Sundae. Enough of this, let's go to number 24.

24) "Boyfriend Kisser": The Ex Files- I didn't have a problem with Greece's Pieces starting the drama up, but what DOES bug me is that most of the episode was dedicated to the love triangle. This song is no exception of that. The song is basically about Courtney wanting to physically injure Gwen and maybe even kill her. Heck, the whole fight shouldn't have happened because Duncney was over as of Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special. Therefore, Gwen had the rights of Duncan. Courtney may have had feelings for Duncan, but because their relationship was over as of this point, Duncan was fair game for Gwen, Lindsay, Noah, or anyone else. Courtney's song was downright cruel to Gwen, and the fact that Heather AND Sierra were supporting Courtney makes me wanna gag. And if you think about it, Siera would be beter off supporting Gwen in her shoes because of Sierra supported Gwen Gwen and Duncan would be dating, leaving no distraction for Cody. The song may have been catchy and had a decent beat, but I wasn't a fan of it because the song should be a BREAK from the arguing, not an extension to it.

Because I'm such a boring person (and the fact that I'm pretty new to the Wikia), I don't know how to change the title of the post. Sorry, but I'm sticking to these two so far, but as consolation, I'l give you hints to what 23, 22, and 21 are. 23: Someone here's a thief... and it's not the culprit. 22: It's Haute in here! 21: It involves an audition tape. If you guess one of them correctly first, you'll be mentioned in the 23-21 part!

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