Brazilian Pain Forest just aired a few days ago, and I, of course saw it. The episode was for the most part, decent. It panned out in a decent manner, but some of the teams are starting to grow stale. Since this isn't an episode review, I'll skip that. Anyway, my theory is that Don eliminated the Vegans on purpose for when Laruie beat up Don. Of course, the Vegans did earn their penalty, but the question is, didn't other teams deserve penalties as well? I personally like Emma and Kitty, but if every penalty that was deserved was handed out, they would have ended up leaving. Why? Because they technically didn't do the challenge. You could argue Jay and Mickey could also deserve a penalty for taking the extra clue, but that was, in my opinion, penalty deserving. The show parodies The Amazing Race, and you could never get away with that and not get penalized... also Taylor and Kelly kinda deserve a penalty, but... it wouldn't really change anything. If the Sisters would have gotten a thrity minute penalty, they would have lost and not the Vegans. If the Sisters and the Twins would have gotten penalties, there would have been some sort of tiebreaker, and that would have been fun to see. But why did Don not give them penalties? Bjorken Telephone, that's why. Laurie beat Don up in rage and pretty much said something in their terms which is the equivelant to "go die in a ditch". Laurie was a fun character to watch, and I was upset when the Vegans went home, because they were one of my favorite teams (others include Kelly and Taylor, Emma and Kitty, and Sanders and MacArthur (is it possible MacArthur could be related to Brick?)). That was just my two cents, you don't have to agree with me. Even I don't fully believe my own theory as it's still developing.

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