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  • TurkeyAsylum

    Brazilian Pain Forest just aired a few days ago, and I, of course saw it. The episode was for the most part, decent. It panned out in a decent manner, but some of the teams are starting to grow stale. Since this isn't an episode review, I'll skip that. Anyway, my theory is that Don eliminated the Vegans on purpose for when Laruie beat up Don. Of course, the Vegans did earn their penalty, but the question is, didn't other teams deserve penalties as well? I personally like Emma and Kitty, but if every penalty that was deserved was handed out, they would have ended up leaving. Why? Because they technically didn't do the challenge. You could argue Jay and Mickey could also deserve a penalty for taking the extra clue, but that was, in my opinio…

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  • TurkeyAsylum

    As you know, Total Drama All-Stars was the most poorly cast season (or at least in my opinion) of Total Drama. They selected SAM, who didn't even make it close to the merge and would have no story arc without Dakota, as well as Sierra, who is an almost useless character without Cody around. Imagine you were asked to pick the TDAS cast. How would have you responded? I'll have two parts to my post: what I would have done with 13 episodes, as well as with 26.

    13 Episodes: Total Drama All-Stars had 13 episodes, which in my opinion made the whole season rushed. But if I was forced to pick a cast for only 13 episodes, I'd start with selecting all the generation one characters who made the merge twice or more, Those were Owen, Duncan, Courtney, Li…

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  • TurkeyAsylum

    Hey, if you were bored enough to read this blog post, props to you. I'll be counting down my 25 least favorite Total Drama moments. And because a bug isn't letting me add pictures to the post (or anywhere in the Wikia), apologies there. Now to begin this boring countdown...

    25) Courtney's Demise: Sundae Muddy Sundae- Sundae Muddy Sundae is arguably one of the few episodes of Total Drama I can't stand. The challenge was boring and childish and it derailed Courtney... again (the first was in Haute Campture). But focusing on Courtney's demise, Courtney made a chart of her plans, saying she'd take Scott to the end because he would let her win. Mal somehow got a hold of the chart and revealed it to everybody else. The fact that they revealed this…

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