Honestly I never really saw Zeke as being sexist. TBH I always figured it to be the opposite. He is a little misogynistic, having been raised that way, but I've seen him open doors for girls as well as compliment Lindsay on her strategies. I figure maybe since he was raised with misogynistic parents he was taught that guys needed to do a majority of the heavy work. He never said girls shouldn't do things, just that guys were better after all ;) Still not very good but he didn't deserve to become a feral beast forever.

I mean we never really heard much from Zeke aside from in Season 1 so we never really had a chance to see if he had gotten over what his parents had taught him. I wish they had at least tried to develop the character a little bit as opposed to constantly using him as a gollum joke. I really hope they have him go through rehabilitation sometime soon because that joke has seriously gotten old imo. Plus with how much Chris hates lawsuits, you'd figure his parents or even the entire nation of Canada would have sued him for what he did to Zeke.

His audition tape had MUCH more character development than he got for the entire series! I mean atleast it showed us several things: He's a great archer, He's a little unlucky (Shot his mom through a bush), and likes to hunt. Honestly there is so much they could have done with his character, especially since they used World Tour to develop a few of the minor contestants from Season 1: ie. Noah, Cody, Tyler, and even Eva. It's a shame that All Stars is the last season for both Total Drama Season 1-3 and Revenge of the Island competitors. :/ I really would have liked a bit of closure for his character or maybe even for him to come back to being civilized. Guess that's too much to ask for.

He has a lot of potential; Hell think of all of the story they could tell if he became human again. Here we have a 17-18-year-old boy who before the show had no real knowledge of the outside world. He has had his entire life shattered by the very same show he set out to conquer, and wound up missing out on 1-3 years of his life that he won't be getting back, because he was a monster. Would he be mad? Sad? Would he want to physically harm Chris? Who knows? But it's sure as Hell more interesting than if Courtney really does forgive Gwen, or if Lindsay really remembers Tyler.

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