Hey y'all I've been wanting to say something for a while now, so here goes.

I'm a little sick of the 13 episode seasons. I know that a lot of people are going to say how I am "wrong" and 13 episodes is better than 24, but please do listen to my entire post before reading. No flaming please.

IMO, two of the best seasons have been longer (TDI and TDWT) I absolutely love TDI for the story, characters, etc. TDWT to me was what TDA should have been: A way to develop the minor contestants from Season 1, while still continuing the relationships of the main characters. I love the amount of development Cody recieved, as well as the screen time for Noah and Tyler. My only wish is that Zeke had been given some actual development as opposed to being turned into Gollum...that aside, it was an amazing season imo.

While I did like ROTI, I felt it was WAY to rushed. To be honest, I found Mike and Zoey's relationship felt hammered in; this is why I can't fully accept their relationship at its base. I never saw any reason for them to like each other so much if they had only met a few days before. I'm not saying that Gwent or Duncney seemed any better, but at least they had a little more time to slowly show their relationship. Another reason why I prefer contestants continuin on to more seasons. That way if the contestants knew each other for a longer time, their feelings might feel a little more genuine... Again, please do not flame me for my opinions and I promise to appreciate yours.

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