The first has three teams

Protagonistic Pangolins: Dave (people in-universe thought his actions were justified) Jasmine, Samey, Cody, Cameron, Gwen and Ella

Antagonistic Anteaters: Scarlett (Only because “Scarlett Fever” in-universe had the highest ratings of any post-World Tour episode) Max, Amy, Heather, Al, Sha-Lightning and Sky

Eccentric Echidnas: Sugar, Leonard, Owen, Izzy, Sierra, Shawn and Dawn

And here are the plot points

-After being rejected by Leonard (“If I keep my virginity till I turn 30, I’ll become a real wizard, don’t look so surprised, Fresh TV will probably make a similar joke”) Sugar goes after Owen, it doesn't end well for her (Due to the fact that Brainzilla dumped him, Izzy doesn't know that they broke up) after this, Sugar goes after Max (“Evil Shudder!”)

-Cody tries again with Gwen, believing he can "out-muscle" Cameron, it doesn't end well for him

-Dave and Sky reconcile, but much to Sky’s surprise/disappointment, Dave believes they should just be friends. Dave moves on from Sky, but Sky doesn't and develops a Sierra-style obsession for him

-Scarlett tries to make Al her sidekick, causing a rift between him and Heather, while Max has to deal with a sidekick even more incompetent than he is, Amy

-Jasmine and Izzy have a history (Izzy ate a Koala and Jasmine took the rap for it) Izzy possibly also has a history with Scarlett

-Samey starts to dress and act like Jasmine, unnerving our favorite Amazonian Aboriginal

-Sierra goes through Cody-withdrawals and sees Shawn as her Hobody (Hobo Cody) causing a rift between him and Jasmine

-It takes place on Camp Wawanakwa (which around a third has re-emerged) The wildlife that stayed on the island have mutated into aquatic forms and a group of interns have mutated into Merpeople and live in the aquatic ruins of Camp Wawanakwa, their leader is Homeschool (who has mutated into a Gillman-ripoff)

-The aftermath shows are hosted by Topher (and after she's eliminated, Ella becomes his co-host)

-Dave and Samey become a couple (Samey says that Dave is the first boy to ever flirt with her who didn’t mistake her for her sister) Amy (who can’t stand her sister being happy) disguises herself as Samey (by covering her mole in skin coloured blush) and then tries to seduce Dave, it doesn't end well for her when a jealous Sky beats her up

-Sky (who delusionally sees him as Dave) falls in love with Cody after her elimination

-The final two are Max and Samey and the only ex-campers that vote for Max are Amy (just to spite her sister) and Sky (who is still bitter over Dave choosing Samey) but he wins (Chris says voting this time is like golf, the lowest score wins) It ends with Canada turning into an Orwellian dictatorship run by Max (and it’s now called Maximilia)

-Clucky returns (now wearing a Darth Vader inspired suit)

-Sky is responsible for Ella’s elimination (out of jealousy)

-The main character is Samey

-The first ep is called “The Good, The Bad and the Crazy”/“The Good, The Bad and the Cray-Cray”

-Believing that Dave is only flirting with Samey to spite her, Sky decides to fight fire with fire by flirting with Sha-Lightning

And here's the contestants for the second one

Owen, Izzy and Noah

Brick, Dawn and Dakotazoid

Sky, Dave, Shawn, Jasmine, Sugar (these 5 PI contestants have the best chance of returning in future seasons) and Max

Plus two new contestants, Keith (who gets eliminated first thanks to his ex, so she can try and win back Dave) and a new female contestant whose only purpose is to be Dave’s new love interest

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