Any Island or ROTI vets competing will probably be fodder in favor of PI vets, If All-Stars are not competing, I believe Leshawna, Harold, Dawn, Brick and B have the best chance (Anne Maria works best as a RR conestant with her real housewives of Jersey Shore inspired mother)

If All-Stars are competiting, The only ones I know for sure would compete would be Gwen and Cameron. Cody could compete, but only if Gwen and Cameron are contestants (whose only purpose is to get rejected by Gwen so she can hook up with Cameron)

PI Vets

Pretty much confirmed: Sky, Shawn, Jasmine, Sugar and Dave

Very Likely: Max and the Twins (I will not be surpised if Max and Samey are the final two)

Could happen but not likely: Scarlett (Maybe she'll disguise herself as a new contestant to get in)

I don't think so: Ella (Her only plot would be with her prince and I don't think she's aggressive enough to try again with David) Rodney (Unless he gets a plot where he gets a girlfriend)

Not a chance: Topher (his fanboy facade is gone, but he could return to try and kill Chris so he can get his job) That Beatbox Guy

He's in RR: The Wizard

If Kitty and her sister don't make it to the final two, I can see Kitty competing in Total Drama

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