Despite Season 1 not even premiering yet, RR will at least get 1 more season (because it's Total Drama based) but who do you think will compete?

Ann Maria/Her Real Housewives of Jersey Shore inspired mother (or a friend of hers inspired by another Jersey Shore character)

Sam/A friend of his inspired by a famous video game reviewer

Dakota/Her own Nicole Riche or her Daddy

Rodney/One of his many brothers

Gwen/Cameron (I know she should be on a team with her brother/mother, but I'm being realistic here)

Cody/Sierra (Cody's only purpose would be to try again with Gwen and fail tremendously)

The Sasquatchanakwa and The Bear

Devin/Shelly (his girlfriend from back home) Maybe Carrie will go cray-cray for Devin


Heather/Alejandro (Even though Heather would be better off teaming up with her Brother Damien and Al with Jose)    And new teams  

An old man and his middle-aged son

A young man and his Fiance's mother                          

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