Won't make it before the merge: Beardo and Sugar

Will not likely make it before the merge: Max, Ella, Leonard and one of the twins

Might make it past the merge: Jasmine, Rodney, Scarlett and Shawn

Will make it past the merge: Sky, Dave,Topher and one of the twins

My biased opinions on characters

Sky: She looks like she has no personality whatsoever (she could be either Zoey 2.0, a nicer Court or a saner Izzy)

Dave: A nicer Noah. Dave and Sky will butt heads at first (the pessimistic snarker vs the optimistic go-getter) but Dave will soften up thanks to her (much like Noah does in any fic that hooks him up with Izzy, Katie or possibly even Cody)

Max: Looks like the most interesting character (Unfortunately he will not make it past the merge)

Topher: He will suffer a painful/humiliating demise at the hands of Chris (You can't contain or restrain the McLean, If I have to explain)

The Twins: I have a sneaking suspicion that the good twin is actually the evil twin and she forces her sister to play the evil twin so no one will suspect her

My final two prediction is Dave/Sky/Shawn vs. Scarlett/One of the Twins

If Season 7 is a musical (like World Tour) Ella will be the first eliminated for not singing and she'll turn into Gollumschool 2.0 because she didn't get to sing

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