Teams with old contestants

-The Winners: Brody and MacArthur (Who are not a couple yet)

-The Surfer Girls: Bridgette and Her Australian Surfer Girl Friend (Since Geoff and Brody went on a double date with them, Bridgette's friend is interested in Brody)

-The Best Female Friends Forever: Katie and Sadie

-Anne Maria and Her The Real Housewives of New Jersey inspired Mother (Or her friend inspired by another Jersey Shore character)

New Teams

Steve and Steven: The Father and Son

-Steve is in his seventies to nineties, while Steven is in his forties

-Believing he’s going to die soon, Steve wants to spend more time with his son Steven and live life to the fullest

-Steven has his hands full trying to keep his old man safe

The Brains and Brawn

-A super intelligent Teenage boy (think Scarlett level intelligence only he doesn’t use “big words”) and a karate-obsessed book-dumb teenage girl with a black belt

-The boy has a secret crush on the girl (he thinks he’s not good enough for her)

-Surprise, Surprise, they hook up when they get eliminated (they make it to the final six)

The Newlyweds

-Chet & Lorenzo’s parents

The Reality Show Villains

-Unholy hybrids of ROTI Scoot and Max

The Conservatives

-A couple of stereotypical right wing Albertans

The Differently Abled

-A blind guy and his deaf girlfriend

The Man of Science and His Creation

-A Roboticist and his Robot

The Future Son-In-Law and Mother-In-Law

-A Twenty something guy and his fiancée’s mother

The Has-Beens

-A pair of washed up celebrities


Keystone Cold: Philadelphia

Carry a life-sized replica of the liberty bell

Eat a Philly Cheese Steak made with Limburger

Fight a Rocky Lookalike

A challenge involving Ben Franklin

Galapagos Islands

A Tortoise Race

Diving for doubloons (while dealing with Territorial Marine Iguanas)

West Papua

Do assorted challenges while carrying a Dingiso (A Tree Kangaroo that is seen as sacred by Moni tribesmen)

Ainu Hope: Northern Japan

Venice To Society: Guess

A Gondola Race

Gone with the Windy City: Chicago

Perform a musical number


Bökh (Traditional Mongolian wrestling)

Find a Dinosaur bone in the Gobi Desert

Boreno to be Wild: Guess

A challenge involving Orangutans


Find a life sized Thylacine replica in the Tasmanian forest

A challenge involving Tasmanian Devils

Pick a barrel full of Granny Smith Apples

Mariana Trench


Kalahari Desert


Perform karaoke dressed as Elvis



A challenge involving voodoo dolls

Golestan Jungle

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