Early eliminations: Fashion Blogger Creator Self-inserts (I have a feeling that these two will be the first to go) Goths, Figure Skaters, Smart Girls, Hippies, Tennis Players (Unfortunately) Ryan/Stephanie (They are pretty much Gigette 2.0) Geoff and his bro and Nowen (Owen and to an extent Geoff have had their time in the sun)

Either the Father-Son or Mother-Daughter will make it to the final four, but only one of them because they have the same basic plot (parent deals with irritating child) It really depends if Fresh TV wants older fandom-attracting Degrassi-style drama between mother and daughter or younger demographic-attracting slapstick humor   

I can see the Cammy-Bear twins make it far (but not final five because Cammy-Bear made it far in his seasons)

Since Devin revealed that he has a girlfriend back home in the first ep, I feel their plot is limited (unless Carrie goes crazy for Devin, it'll be duller than Zoke) I also have a feeling that a female contestant (Like Kitty) will flirt with Devin (not knowing about Shelley)

My Final two pick? Sisters VS. Rockers/In-Laws

One last thing

Dear Fresh TV

Don't reveal the RR contestants too quickly, I know it's just damage control. Leaks happens, just try and forget what happened (I'm starting to think that Julie Giles was the leaker)         

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