Carrie & Devin - Best Friends: The fact that Devin has a girlfriend back home makes them interesting, will Carrie become the next Dave?

Taylor & Kelly - Daughter & Mom: Subplot looks dull, but hey, at least they're attractive

Emma & Kitty - Sisters: I will not be suprised if they make it to the final two

Ennui & Crimson - Goths: I'll have to wait and see

Noah & Owen - Reality TV Pros: Noah's potential will still be unlocked thanks to Owen, deal with it fandom

Jay & Mickey - Adversity Twins: Cammy-Bear times two, got old fast

Stephanie & Ryan - Daters: Gigette 2.0

Jacques & Josee - Ice Dancers: Will probably get really irritating

Brody & Geoff - Surfer Dudes: Yawn

Junior & Dwayne - Son & Father: Junior reminds me of a member of the fandom with a lot of skeletons in his closet

Sanders & Macarthur - Police Cadets: Too tumblr for my blood

Chet & Lorenzo - Stepbrothers: Could go far in my view

Jen & Tom - Fashion Bloggers: Fodder

Rock & Spud - Rockers: I will not be suprised if they make it to the final two

Laurie & Miles - Vegans: At least they're attractive

Mary & Ellody - Geniuses: Meh

Tammy & Leonard - LARPERS: Wasn't expecting him to be the 4th vet, could be fun

Gerry & Pete - Tennis Rivals: I want these guys to win      

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