"It’s wild to think that the fans who watched the original Total Drama Island and stuck with us all these years are graduating from high school or already old enough for university. The Ridonculous Race is the result of feedback and suggestions from that dedicated fan base, which is how we know you’re going to love it! Right now we’re devoting all of our energy to taking the Total Drama universe to the next step and creating something that can live up to that dedication while still resonating with a new generation of fans as well."

How will Fresh TV do this? here are some theories

-Very little toilet humor

-A gay/transgender contestant who isn't an "Offensive" stereotype

-Degrassi style angst

-Tackling Degrassi style issues that Total Drama shouldn't tackle

-Lots of unnecessary cameos by old contestants

-Don being less sadistic/mean/"bullying" than Chris (which takes out most of the shows charm)

-Three-Dimensional characters

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