For those who are too young to remember the Pre-Action fandom, a "Crack" Pairing makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and doesn't stand a chance in Tartarus of becoming canon. Here are mine

Dave/Scarlett: When I first saw the leaked storyboards and promo pics, I thought when around his teammates (including Sky) Dave would be an apathetic snarker with a superiority complex (think Noah in Island) he would butt heads a lot with go-getter team player Sky (Who would have a secret crush on him) but while around Scarlett, he is a sweet-natured hopless romantic (emphasis on hopeless) then after Scarlett breaks his heart, Sky will comfort him/exploit his sorrow


. Many fans took the bait when it came to Skave, I did the same with Scarlave.

Dave/Samey: Since Skave is dead and Ella's chances of returning in future seasons are very slim, Samey has the best chance out of all the PI girls to hook up with Dave (it's either going to be her or a new female contestant in my view)

Max/Amy: One of my headcanons is that the reason why Max badmouthed Samey so much is that he wanted to get on Amy's good side because he has a crush on her.

Cody/Sadie: I blame this fanfic chapter

Cody/Eva: I blame a certain fanfic for this, plus maybe she can beat the Gwensexualness right outta him.

So what are your "Crack" Pairings?

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