It's been around a year since PI ended, so I'm going to ask the question again, What do you think will happen with Dave and Sky's relationship? (because I feel that their plot will take up a lot of the post-PI season)

Before I state my theories, I'd just like to say the only thing both Dave and Sky did wrong was fall in love

  • Theroy #1

In a petty attempt to give Sky a taste of her own medicine, Dave flirts with another female contestant. After finding out that he's just using her to spite Sky, Dave's love interest is devastated. With Sky's help, she gets her revenge on Dave (probably involving him getting mauled again) Sky and Dave's love interest then imply to become a couple (In a shameless attempt to ape Korrsami)

  • Theroy #2

Chris forgot about Dave and he becomes either a Tarzan parody, A crazed survivalist (Who Jasmine starts to fall for) or becomes feral (Think Gollumschool 2.0) If Ella's a contestant, expect lots of Beauty and the Beast references

  • Theroy #3

Dave moves on from Sky, Sky doesn't and goes crazy for Dave (think Sierra only worse)

So what are your ideas? (and remember, Dave and Sky forgiving each other over the events of PI is boring and undramatic)

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