Since Mughees made his own version of PI, why not me?

The main difference is Dave's characterization, around his teammates (including Sky) he is an apathetic snarker with a superiority complex (think Noah in Island) he would butt heads a lot with go-getter team player Sky, but while around Scarlett, he is a sweet-natured hopeless romantic (emphasis on hopeless)

"So, Uh This Is My Team?", "I Love You, Grease Pig!" and "Twinning Isn't Everything" are pretty much the same, only Dave, viewing her as the only "sane" contestant (aside from himself) falls for Scarlett

"I Love You, I Love You Knots" ends with Rodney using his farm boy strength to tear his bag in half, winning "truth or scare" for his team. Much to Ella and Sugar's suprise, Sugar gets voted off for being mean towards Ella (Sappy I know) Ella tells Sugar that she shouldn't be sad, because now she can spend more time with her wizard. After firing her, Chris comments "there goes the only reason why Cartoon Network bought this season"

"A Blast From the Past" starts off with Sky and Ella foraging. Sky tells Ella that they should vote off Dave if they lose the next challenge, Ella asks her why would she want her "prince" gone, Sky then badly denies that she has a thing for Dave. After the Sky vs. Scarlett match, Sky notices Dave gushing about Scarlett (“She is as graceful as an antelope”) The tiebreaker between Rodney vs. Sky, Rodney falls for her while charging towards her, Costing his team the challenge.

"Mo Monkey Mo Problems'" Starts off with Samey and Jasmine foraging, Samey tells Jasmine that she should give Shawn a second chance, but Jasmine disagrees. When Maskwak brings Chris the bear, it attacks him, Maskwak only agrees to help him if he allows Ella to sing again, which he agrees. Ella sings to the bear but a bug flies into her throat, causing her to sing a song that makes the bear throw up the monkey and the monkey to throw up the coin, which flies straight into the vending machine (stupid I know and don't worry, the bug is not harmed) during the elimination ceremony, Chris states that Max would've been eliminated if it wasn't for Ella singing

Sky: But you promised you would let her sing!

Chris: What can I say, I lie a lot!

Shawn: I don't he'll like that

Chris: Who are you talking about?

Chris looks behind him to see the bear cracking his knuckles/paws, Chris then nervously and quickly eliminates the Wannabe Evil Genius

"This is the Pits!" Has Dave and Scarlett be separated together and bond. Samey has a thing for Topher, but she falls out of love for him when she and Jasmine spend more time with him in the caves. Dave and Scarlett complete the challenge correctly, since they're both on seperate teams, both teams lose, during the elimination ceremony, Chris reveals that an old contestant will join her old team, Amy. Scarlett says to Dave that the time they spent together was pleasurable and gives him a peck on the cheek, Shawn tears up, Ella covers her mouth in shock while Sky grates her teeth, then runs away to belch offscreen

"Three Zones and a Baby" Is pretty much the same, only with Sky bitterly watching Dave blow kisses at Scarlett and calling her sickeningly sweet nicknames (Scarlett’s okay with this, thinking it’s better than being called sidekick) and more "sentimental family moments" between the twins. Topher takes his elimination with dignity, giving Chris a hug before he is fired, it is then reveled that he put a “replace me with someone younger” sign on his back

"Hurl & Go Seek" Has Amy win the Chuggy Chunks challenge with Samey and Sky coming in second and third. While walking together with Scarlett, Dave succumbs to the food poisoning and tells Scarlett to go on without him. After a while Scarlett finds out that a tree is mechanical, then an angry Sky appears and tells Scarlett off for not being with her Boyfriend. After the challenge, while rest of the contestants are getting their stomachs pumped, Ella (who didn't drink the Chuggy Chunks due to being a vegetarian) tells Sky (who got her stomach pumped first) that she should wish Scarlett the very best with Dave, Scarlett then appears (her stomach got pumped second) Ella then leaps off to give them some time to chat, Sky (taking Ella's advice) tells Scarlett (while they are alone) that she's happy for the two of them, Scarlett then shows her true colors and tells Sky that she's only manipulating him (“You should appreciate what I’m doing, after a painful breakup, most adolescent males have much lowered standards”) Sky goes ballistic and attacks her.

Sky: I won’t let you win!

Scarlett: I already have

Sky: What do you mean by...

Dave: (who just got his stomach pumped) What are you doing Sky!?

Sky: (weakly and quietly) that

Scarlett then runs into Dave’s arms and plays the victim card. Dave and Scarlett tell Shawn (who thinks he’s a zombie) and Sky gets eliminated, Dave and Scarlett share their first lip to lip kiss (Scarlett gives Sky a smug look while doing so)

Amy gets eliminated again thanks to her sister

Jasmine gets eliminated thanks to Scarlett

During the Mt. McLean Challenge, Dave and Scarlett are the last two to make it to the finish line, Dave lets Scarlett win. When he is about to be eliminated, Scarlett tells him the truth (Dave reacts in the way you'd expect him to react)

The Final Four (Ella, Samey, Scarlett and Shawn) get to choose their own challenges. Shawn chooses tree jumping, Samey chooses cheeleading, Scarlett chooses general triva and Ella chooses singing. Shawn sings a Weird Al ripoff (Fandom In-Joke!) After Samey and Ella, Scarlett sings something similar to "Why Don't You Do Right?" or "Blues in the Night" Causing Ella’s elimination (who accepts her elimination with grace, dignity and style)

While Shawn and Samey are sleeping, Scarlett finds the Islands' controls and takes over. Chris forces Shawn and Samey to stop her (whoever stops her gets the million) Samey picks Jasmine while Shawn picks Dave. Samey tells Jasmine that she’s going to use her money (after splitting it between her and Jasmine) to move out of her house (to get away from Amy) Jasmine tells her not to waste it and tells her that she can live with her, cue the sickeningly sweet Pseudo-lesbian moment, meanwhile Shawn deals with a depressed Dave

Samey's ending: Samey and Jasmine find Scarlett, Samey and Scarlett have a generic fight ("AMY PUTS UP MORE OF A FIGHT!") Samey stops the self-destruct countdown and Scarlett is restrained by Jasmine ("MR. WHISKERS PUTS UP MORE OF A FIGHT!") After receiving the million, Samey and Jasmine are asked by Shawn if the two girls can go on a double date with him and Dave, they accept. Scarlett (who is tied up and being carried by Jasmine) smugly grins at Sky offscreen, who says “Don’t you dare say a BURP!”

Shawn's ending: Shawn and Dave find Scarlett, Scarlett attacks Shawn and bites him in the process, causing him to curl up in the fetal position, Dave then clutches onto her leg and begs her to take him back, distracting her enough so Shawn can snap out of it and stop the self-destruct countdown. Shawn receives the million, Scarlett (who is tied up and being carried bridal style by Dave) asks Sky offscreen “How can you like this guy?”

Scarlett's ending: Samey, Jasmine, Shawn and Dave find the control room at the same time, Scarlett then asks who will get the million, Samey says she and Shawn will split it, Shawn says he needs the whole million for his zombie-proof bunker. While Samey, Jasmine and Shawn are arguing, Dave then clutches onto Scarlett's leg and begs her to take him back, Scarlett tells him she will, if he removes the other three contestants. Dave then pushes the other three contestants into the escape pod. Scarlett then fires the escape pod and turns off the self-destruct countdown. After giving Scarlett the million, Chris shows a tape of Scarlett telling off the other contestants, after this, she and Dave make out Gigette-style. Beardo makes the “bow chicka wow wow” sound effect, Rodney is happy that she found someone on the “rebound” Max states "that's the problem with female sidekicks, they always fall for the heroes" Shawn congratulates his “amigo” and Ella tells a furious Sky "At least this ending will get the least amount of votes"

Now for the next season


Owen, Izzy and Noah

Brick, Dawn and Dakotazoid

Sky, Dave, Shawn, Jasmine, Sugar, Max and the Twins

Sky finds out that during the gap between seasons, Dave and Samey have become a couple (they went on a double date with Jasmine and Shawn) At first she says she's okay with this, but slowly becomes more jealous and antagonistic as the season goes on, but thankfully, she realizes the error of her ways and makes it to the final two (alongside Max)

Sugar states that during the gap between seasons, she was friendzoned by Leonard (“He said if he keeps his virginity till he turns 30, he’ll become a real wizard, don’t look so surprised, Fresh TV will probably make a similar joke”) she goes after Owen, it doesn't end well for her (Due to the fact that Brainzilla dumped him, Izzy doesn't know that they broke up) after this, Sugar goes after Max (“Evil Shudder!”)


Jasmine and Izzy have a history (Izzy ate a Koala and Jasmine took the rap for it)


Samey has started to dress and act like Jasmine


It takes place on Camp Wawanakwa (which around a third has re-emerged) The wildlife that stayed on the island have mutated into aquatic forms and a group of interns have mutated into Merpeople and live in the aquatic ruins of Camp Wawanakwa, their leader is Homeschool (who has mutated into a Gillman-ripoff)


The only person who votes for Max in the finale is Sugar, but he wins (Chris says voting this time is like golf, the lowest score wins) It ends with Canada turning into an Orwellian dictatorship run by Max (and it’s now called Maximilia)


Max makes Amy his new sidekick

So what do you guys think? stupid or really stupid

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