Before I begin, I'd like to state that life is too short to be mad over moving drawings (especially if they’re shoddily made, Canadian goverment funded moving drawings)

Before I talk about Total Drama, I'd like to talk about four shows.

-The first show is Degrassi, well known for tackling issues (soap opera-esc or otherwise) that are too hot for American children and it felt that it had to be taken seriously, Braceface followed this same pattern.

-6teen also dealt with risqué subjects, though to a much lesser extent, and it had gross humor.

-Stoked was pretty much 6teen, only it hardly dealt with controversial issues (by American standards) was more cartoonier and it wasn’t supposed to be taken seriously.

Now to talk about Total Drama

-Much like 6teen, Total Drama Island was supposed to be taken seriously, most of the characters were two-dimensional, Except for Owen, Izzy, The BFFs, Justin, Tyler (only because he didn’t do much aside from interacting with Lindsay) and to a lesser extent, Ezekiel and Trent

-As Total Drama progressed, the show became less serious and more cartoony (and in many ways, more appealing to the American market)

-The three main reasons why people hated Action were the Gwent breakup, Courtney becoming more antagonistic and Owen being overused

-World Tour interacted with the fandom in three ways, the canonization of Gwuncan (only done to pander to Duncan fangirls who saw themselves in Gwen) Sierra (who was only created to spite Cody’s legion of Beth-hating fangirls) and Gollumschool (who was only created to spite a certain fanfic writer)

-Revenge of the Island and All-Stars were much more cartoony and supposed to be taken much less seriously (Dakotazoid, Scoot’s fate at the end of Revenge of the Island, Mike’s Dissociative Identity Disorder and to a much lesser extent, Courtney’s fallout with Gwen and Scoot)

-Pahkitew Island continued the trend and was more cartoony and supposed to be taken less seriously than its predecessors (the shock collars, food poisoning, Dave’s fate at the end)

- Fresh TV probably set up Skave to fall at the end just to troll the fandom in advance. If it wasn’t for the leak saying that they wouldn’t hook up, they would’ve succeeded.

-Ridonculous Race (which is a spinoff) will probably go back to Fresh TV’s roots (like 6teen and Total Drama Island) by being much less cartoony and it will be taken seriously (in order to appeal to the older demographic) While Total Drama will continue to take the Americanized "low road" and become even more cartoony and supposed to be taken less seriously (that’s why I think Sky’s going to develop a Sierra/Annie Wilkes style obsession for Dave in a future season)

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