• Truteal

    An even harder truth

    April 27, 2016 by Truteal

    8 to 12 year olds (the main demo) finds gross humor/human stupidity funnier than smart/normal people. Hence why the In-Laws and Rockers made it further than the Geniuses, Sugar made it further than Jasmine (and will do so again in future seasons) Max has a better chance of returning than Scarlett and why Owen will always hog the spotlight from his little buddy.

    See you people when the next season is announced.

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  • Truteal

    Teams with old contestants

    -The Winners: Brody and MacArthur (Who are not a couple yet)

    -The Surfer Girls: Bridgette and Her Australian Surfer Girl Friend (Since Geoff and Brody went on a double date with them, Bridgette's friend is interested in Brody)

    -The Best Female Friends Forever: Katie and Sadie

    -Anne Maria and Her The Real Housewives of New Jersey inspired Mother (Or her friend inspired by another Jersey Shore character)

    New Teams

    Steve and Steven: The Father and Son

    -Steve is in his seventies to nineties, while Steven is in his forties

    -Believing he’s going to die soon, Steve wants to spend more time with his son Steven and live life to the fullest

    -Steven has his hands full trying to keep his old man safe

    The Brains and Brawn

    -A super intel…

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  • Truteal







    Now that's out of the way, let's talk about what I would've done to make RR better/more interesting

    1: Owen/Noah and Geoff/Brody needed to be eliminated earlier so that the new blood could shine (Leonard needed the spotlight, Owen, Noah and Geoff did not)

    2: Have Noah hookup with a more eccentric female contestant, like Kitty, Laurie, Miles or even MacArthur (there is a reason why many people shipped him with Katie or Izzy and why people love his friendship with Owen)

    3: Have Devin hook up with a female contestant that isn't Carrie (it would make them actually interesting)

    4: Have the Rockers make it to the final two (they reminded me of Islan…

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  • Truteal

    RR pairings (WARNING SPOILERS)

    September 12, 2015 by Truteal

    Emma/Noah: It's weird to see Noah have a love interest who isn't a "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" (like Kitty) I would've preferred Emma with Owen (She needs to loosen up, The Big O is a master at this) But maybe she'll reject his advances

    Kitty/The Cammy-Bear twin with the headgear (His name doesn't really matter) Meh (I'd prefer her with Noah or even Owen)

    Devin/Carrie: I'd prefer Devin to patch things up with Shelly and for him and Carrie to remain friends

    So what do you people think?

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  • Truteal

    Season 6 cast speculation

    September 1, 2015 by Truteal

    Any Island or ROTI vets competing will probably be fodder in favor of PI vets, If All-Stars are not competing, I believe Leshawna, Harold, Dawn, Brick and B have the best chance (Anne Maria works best as a RR conestant with her real housewives of Jersey Shore inspired mother)

    If All-Stars are competiting, The only ones I know for sure would compete would be Gwen and Cameron. Cody could compete, but only if Gwen and Cameron are contestants (whose only purpose is to get rejected by Gwen so she can hook up with Cameron)

    PI Vets

    Pretty much confirmed: Sky, Shawn, Jasmine, Sugar and Dave

    Very Likely: Max and the Twins (I will not be surpised if Max and Samey are the final two)

    Could happen but not likely: Scarlett (Maybe she'll disguise herself as a…

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