I'll be doing the review in order of my least favorite teams to my most favorite teams

18th - The Ice Skaters - Jacques and Jose

Josee&Jacques (RR)
I find the team unbearable, Josee is annoying and the worst character of the show. She's not funny and has the meanest interactions with everyone especially Jacques. I like Jacques though, but just a little more then Josee. He's somewhat funny, but is hard to understand most of the time. But I expect them to stay in the competition to at least 4th just so there could possibly funny moment
Leonard&Tammy (RR)

17th - The LARPers - Leonard and Tammy

They are funny, that it. We all knew they would be the first to go home. Leonard is a very dumb character. He's just so bland. Tammy isn't very different from Leonard, she's just basically the girl version of Leonard.

Ellody&Mary (RR)

16th - The Geniuses - Ellody and Mary

I forgot about them before their elimination episode, but are quite amusing in the way they were eliminated. They were funny in the way they would interact with their "inferior" competitors :P


15th - The Tennis Rivals - Garry and Pete

They were defiantly removed way too soon. I loved their jokes and interactions with each other. I enjoyed their rivalry in the race. I found it hilarious when they would fall asleep in the middle in the challenges. I like them both equally

Laurie&Miles (RR)

14th - The Vegans - Laurie and Miles

They were very funny. I found the ideas for charities kinda annoying though. But they did fine in most of the challenges. Their best episodes were their last 2 in the season. Laurie was funny while her face was swollen and Miles had to do the entire challenge. I loved that she beat up Don, the Host.

Kelly&Taylor (RR)

13th - Mother and Daughter - Kelly and Taylor

I liked Kelly more then Taylor. It was great how Kelly gave Taylor a time-out. He was great in her final episode. She did great in most of the challenges. And I love her interactions with Dwayne too. I found Taylor annoying at first, but then she just got hilarious after she told her mom that her mom needed a time out. Also how she reacted to finding out about her not actually winning the trophies and awards.

Lorenzo&Chet (RR)

12th - Step-Brothers - Lorenzo and Chet

They were very funny, but then it got repetitive with their fighting. I wouldn't mind if they are the next to go, but I do like the idea behind them. I expect them to bond before they are eliminated, but will start fighting about who caused them the competition.


11th - The Bloggers - Tom and Jen

They were just great. I loved their style and how they played off of each other. They did have good fashion though. I loved the fess, it would definitely catch on :P. The Fess reminded me of Doctor Who, one of the best TV shows out there.


10th - The Cadets - MacArthor and Sanders

I find MacArthor hilarious, and Sanders more interesting. They seemed like the most important team in the show in the first few episodes, but have been put to the side a bit. I loved the crush Brody has on MacArthor and hope for more interaction with them


9th - The Rockers - Rock and Spud

I didn't like them in the beginning. They got much better as the show progressed. Especially Spud. Ever since the Vegans were eliminated, I've loved Spud. Rock not so much. Spud is obliviously the more interesting of the 2. Spud is hilarious and enjoyable. I can't wait to see what MacArthor dares him next. Rock is defiantly smarter then he seems.


8th - The Surfurs - Brody and Geoff

I am really enjoying Geoff, I missed him in World Tour since Briggette was on and he wasn't. So I am loving his team. Brody is even cooler then Geoff. I love his attraction to MacArthor and his cool demeanor. I sorta wish Briggette was on the show, but Brody makes it hard to miss her.


7th - The Daters AKA Haters - Stephine and Ryan

Who doesn't love their Dynamic sense they broke up. I though they would have been eliminated after the non-elimination round, but I'm glad that wasn't the case. They are definitely an enjoyable team now. I don't expect them to stay much longer as they aren't working together, but against each other. I love Ryan's remark - "You are pure Evil!" :)

Dwayne&DwayneJr (RR)

6th - Father and Son - Dwayne and Dwayne Junior

They are hilarious together. I love the stupidity and tenacity of Dwayne and the snarky attitude and kind personality of Junior. I'm surprised Junior can endure his father. But I'm more surprised that Dwayne and his wife are together. The things Dwayne says was just surprising, I think he forgets his wife would be watching the show. I loved their time in Iceland :) That tipgiver's reaction was priceless. I wonder what he said :D

Devin&Carrie (RR)

5th - Best Friends - Devin and Carrie

Carrie is adorable and when she is overwhelmed by love, I just laugh my butt off. Devin is so oblivious of Carrie's feelings, but I also think he has feelings for her, but thinks She doesn't have feelings for him or that if they dated it would ruin their friendship/relationship. They better be together before they are eliminated. I also see them winning the race and kissing and then they reveal their feelings to each other :D I am fanboying so hard right now :P


4th - The Adversary Twins - Mickey and Jay

I miss them already :(. They left way to soon. I absolutely loved them and really enjoyed their bad luck. They were funny and I loved their mini-alliance with the Sisters. Their Immunity to Heat/Coldness and Venom is so cool. They could be superheroes if they weren't so wimpy. I was expecting them to at least get in first place in a episode before their elimination though.


3rd - The Goths - Ennui and Crimson

I love them. They are hilarious and I loved the few times they smile :). I liked their de-gothed look and would have liked to see them stay like that before they re-gothed. I like them alot. I liked thier original look and enjoyed ther emotionless emotions. They are hilarious in the confessionals. I only dislike their new look, I hope they return to their original look soon.

Noah&Owen (RR)

2nd - The Reality TV Pros - Noah and Owen

I love Owen ever since the first season and Noah since season 3 and I love them even more now. The Nemma relationship is great and Noah's lovestruck look is hilarious. Owen is funny always and I love his interaction with Kitty the most :) I hope they get to the final 3.

Emma&Kitty (RR)

1st - The Sisters - Emma and Kitty <3

I absoluty love this team. They have played the best game so far. Already has a strong alliance and has been the first team to get another team out of the race. Emma is obvisouly the better competitor, but KItty has the better social game. I love Kitty more then an other competoitor in an season of Total Drama and the Ridoculous Race.I want them to win so bad. The Nemma relationship is great and Kitty and Owen's friendship is just awesome. I loved them sense the first episode. Their dynamic is awesome and they are getting better as the series continues. I'm a supporter of Nemma. I expect a great rest of the season woth Nemma, Kitty, and Owen dominating the season.