Since there is less than a week left till the premier of TDAS, I would like to share MY thoughts and opinions of what I think is going to go down. First off, lets talk about the teams


  • Gwen - Gwen looks shocked to be placed on the villains team. This will probably going to make her an outcast and, it might work in her favor to go under the radar or could result in an early elimination. Her relationship with Duncan looks like it might end. As usual, Gwen and Heather are on the same team and that conflict looks like it might come back. Jo is also seen making fun of her and calling her nicknames. How Gwen will do this season? We'll just have to wait and see  :)
  • Duncan - Oh look Duncan is back for another season. The only reason Duncan came back to the competition is because of Gwen and knowing this she will probably be his downfall. This is going to be interesting
  • Jo - I think we all know that Jo is going to be eliminated early on this season. From watching the trailers, she look likes she's going to be the @#$%& of this season. I just hope Jo will get some comedy in this season instead of bossing everybody around. 
  • Lightning - The Sha-bam is back! I think Lightning's confidence and the way he calls himself Lightning will eventually piss his team off and cause him to get kicked off. Haha this is going to be great
  • Scott - Ah Scott, what will the producers do to you this season? I remember someone conforming Dawn was going to make an appearence this season and cause someone to change their role. I personally think that Scott will change his ways and become a better person. Hey anything could happen. If you look at one of the cast photos you will see Fang in the water  0_0 I thought Fang was done abusing Scott after the end of last season but "NO" said the producers. I guess Scott is either going to get screwed up even more or finally defeat his mortal enemy. 
  • Heather - Ooo Heather is back and she knows that she's a villain. I wonder who Heather will choose to manipulate this time. Everybody already knows her strategy so it might be difficult. Heather is also the only one smart enough to realize in the trailer that there is something wrong with the Robot (who is actually her arch nemesis :)
  • The Robot (Alejandro) - I like the idea of Chris using the robot as his intern at the beginning of the show. For what happens in the future, it's really hard to predict. Hopefully Alejandro will come out of the suit and do some damage to the other contestants. He will probably be out for revenge for Heather for what she did to him.


  • Courtney - Courtney looks like to be a huge favorite to win. She will probably be a very strong competitor (when she finally gets over Duncan) The Gwen and Courtney rivalry looks like it will return :/ In the trailers, Courtney looks to be the Hamsters team leader. She also is the only one who doesn't put her hand in the Heroes huddle at first. Courtney is more of a villain than a hero so this might set her apart.
  • Lindsay - Hm Lindsay is either going to do great this season or get eliminated really early. She will probably be friends with everyone on her team but her dumbness is a major let down. 
  • Sam - Sam sam sam, I thought he was done with development when he finally got Dakotazoid as his babe. What will he do this season? I have a couple ideas. Sam is one of the few people who have never won a season and he is the only one to never merge. This gives him a good chance to make it far, but I really doubt Sam will win. Its an All-Star season and Sam is anything but an All-Star. Hopefully he won't just be a lazy bum and add some comedy relief. 
  • Cameron - Cameron is a little bland now after he defeated all his enemies last season. Now it looks like he's just going to stalk Mike and Zoey. Maybe Sam and him will have like a nerd friendship going. Anyways he has absolutely NO chance of winning this season.
  • Mike - Uh oh the whole MPD thing is back D: Hopefully we will get to see some new ones that are actually tolerable. His relationship with Zoey looks to be going good. They probably won't break up unless one of Mikes personalities screws it up for him. As for placing, Mike is probably going to do well. I just hope the whole evil Mike thing is true because that would bleepin awesome. 
  • Zoey - Another semi-boring character. Zoey will probably make it far this season because of her friendliness and ability to make friends. I'm thinking that Zoey will eventually become an antagonists victom like Heather or Alejandro, or maybe even Mike :)
  • Sierra - Since Izzy is not participating this season, I think Sierra will fill that role. Sierra is seen carrying something that resembles Cody so he will probably be mentioned this season. Personally, I don't really know what she is going to do without Cody to stalk. That was basically her whole purpose in season 3 so hopefully she will find something better to do this season.


15. The Robot                                                                 

14. Lindsay                                                                     

13. Jo                                                                              

12. Cameron                                                                   

11. Duncan                                                                      

10. Lightning                                                                   

9. Zoey                                                                             

8/7. Alejandro and Heather

6. Sam                                                                              

5. Courtney                                                                     

4. Mike                                                                             

3. Gwen                                                                           

2. Scott                                                                            

1. Sierra                                                                          

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