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  • Trentfan99

    My TDAS Prediction

    September 6, 2013 by Trentfan99

    Since there is less than a week left till the premier of TDAS, I would like to share MY thoughts and opinions of what I think is going to go down. First off, lets talk about the teams

    • Gwen - Gwen looks shocked to be placed on the villains team. This will probably going to make her an outcast and, it might work in her favor to go under the radar or could result in an early elimination. Her relationship with Duncan looks like it might end. As usual, Gwen and Heather are on the same team and that conflict looks like it might come back. Jo is also seen making fun of her and calling her nicknames. How Gwen will do this season? We'll just have to wait and see  :)
    • Duncan - Oh look Duncan is back for another season. The only reason Duncan came back to…

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  • Trentfan99

    As season 5 and 6 are already confirmed, it looks like we are definitly going to see some new characters. These new contestants are going to have to have different traits and qualities than previous competitors. Which stereotypes or personalities are you guys hoping to see? Maybe like a ninja chinese dude or an evil girl-version of Alejandro would be cool.

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