Hey guy's it's Trainwrecker here with yet another blog. I'm here to ask what would you think if Total Drama was a set of live-action movies instead of a tv show. Think of the possibilities so down below I will list actors to play the cast.

1 more thing this is Fanfiction so don't get too hype 4 this....

Robert Downye Jr. as Chris Mclean


They look alike don't act like they're not

Samuel L. Jackson as Chef Hatchet

Chef shining

It's feedddddinggg Time!!!!!!!!!!

The contestants

Noah Munck as Owen

Owen TDI Rank

I'm surprised this dude doesn't have diabetes yet....

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Gwen


Why do Gwen's boobs look like a pyramid???

Naya Rivera as Heather


Heather's thoughts when I said that gwen joke

Mark Sailing as Duncan


How come Duncan be getting all the ladies? He looks like a hammerhead shark for crying out loud

Amber Riley as Leshawna

Leshawna laughing

That's the exact face people make when they see your weiner

Hayden Voss as Geoff

Geoff DipDap

I already can tell this dude is a womanizer

Scarlett Johansson as Izzy

Izzy ketchup

... I don't even know what to put in this one

Jaleel White as DJ

DJ cringing

What exactly did he see in this stall that made him so scaredd???

Heather Morris as Lindsay


It's ok everybody nervous when their holding my sausage.. hey-ohh!!

Laura Prepon as Bridgette

Zac Efron as Trent

TrentO o

Trent's reaction when he finds about all the guys Gwen's been with

Jon Heder as Harold


For the last time I'm not Napoleon Dynamite!!!!!!!!

Mila Kunis as Courtney


This girl needs therapy

The Olson Twins as Katie and Sadie


Don't hate when this cute girl has this really ugly best friend well here's a perfect example

Lauren Potter as Beth


She's probably gonna die a virgin.

Nathan Kress as Cody


I swear this picture makes cody look like a drug addict.

Ashton Kutcher as Tyler


Pause..... Just Pause

William Valerdena as Justin

Justin admires

Why is he the only person on this show that has pupils?

Zach Rance as Noah

Noah talks

How did I get on Survivor?

Ashley Fink as Eva

Michael Cera as Ezekiel

S0 do you agree with my choices tell me down in the comments below till next time it's Trainwrecker

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