It's been a while but it's Trainwrecker with another blog. Have you ever wondered what would've happened if the elimination order was reversed let's take a look.

Total Drama Island




Owen was voted out due to being very lazy and not doing any of the work

Gwen Castaways


 : Gwen got eliminated for being too anti-social and not getting along with anyone besides Trent.

Heather Gruvias Rank

22nd- Heather

 : Heather was too bossy during the dodgeball challenge and started attacking her own teammates "mostly Leshawna who got the team to vote her out"



: Duncan lost his team the talent show by mooning Chris who did not appreciate it and gave The Gophers the win.



: Leshawna slowed her team down with her farting issues so they decided to send her packing



: Geoff was voted out not because he didn't face his fear but was bullying the people who couldn't face their fear
TDAS Mal vs Izzy


 :Izzy was pretty much eliminated same reason she was in the actual episode Up the Creek


DJ was voted off because he was a hunter and refused to shoot any deer even if it was just paintball.

Lindsay relaxes


: Without Heather to protect her Lindsay's team realized how utterly useless she is and was dealt with immediately.

Bridgette attacks


: Bridgette was eliminated for feeding Courtney that poison blowfish and costing her team the game.


14th- Trent

: Trent was unfairly eliminated because Cody rigged the votes against him because he found out him and Gwen hooked up before she left.

Harold bring it on


: Harold was unanimously voted out for losing the challenge when Courtney's shirt was ripped off by a moose and .... yeah you know the rest
         Merge Time: Trent and Heather return!! Heather is bent on taking her team down for voting her out and After re-watching the show Trent want to get revenge on Cody
Cody is aware of Aleheather


: After Trent told the remaining contestants of Cody's scheming they decided he has to leave

Heather won the prize of eliminating someone and chose Sadie to leave



: The guy's alliance " Trent, Tyler, Justin, Ezekiel, and Noah" chose to get rid of Beth because she was too nice.


9th- Tyler

: Due to his clumsiness he was the last one to cross the line for the bike race and is therefore eliminated



: Justin lost his cool during the horror movie challenge when the psycho killer punched him in the face which bruised it



: Katie was the only one to not capture an animal so she was automatically eliminated but at least she got to join Sadie.



: Trent was paired up with Eva and accidentally made her angry by calling her a dude o she beat the snot outta him and had to leave due to injuries

Heather Gruvias Rank

5th- Heather

: Heather was chosen to be eliminated by the other contestants due to being the most unlikable person there
Courtney Gruvias Rank


: Courtney was eliminated by Chef because he doesn't like uptight she is

Noah at the Playa


: Noah couldn't handle the Truth or Dare challenge when Lindsay dared him to kiss Eva he said no and just left the island Ezekiel                               VS             Eva

Eva-1st/2nd Who sould win? We'll be continued tomorrow because I'm to tired to do the rest of the seasons today

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