What up fam and families? It's trainwrecker here coming here with a cast revel of my upcoming blog and the characters I list below are my original creations. My blog will be done in Total Drama Fanfiction Wiki on June 10th because that's when I get out of school.

Gus- " The Rich Braggart" Team: Savage Ducks Description: Born with a golden binkie and blanket made of the finest silks. Gus was always spoiled as a child. He had no problem telling people that over and over again. He's signed up for this show so he could show people how excellent he really is.

Crash- " The Daredevil" Team: Savage Ducks Description: Crash is always the one to rush head first into danger. Crash may get hurt time and time again but he'll stand back up with a smile on his face. Crash signed up to test out his skills and the money could help him with more stunts.

Z- " The Skater Chick" Team: Screeching Weasels Description: Z is an underachiever who doesn't try much. But if there's one thing that burns her passion it's skateboarding. She dreams of going pro someday. And she thinks the prize money will help her achieve her dream

Kenny- " The Scraedy Kat" Team: Screeching Weasels Description: Kenny is an self-anxious teen with tons of phobias and lot's of allergies. Because of this he likes to stay in his room and talk to himself. His Mom forced him to sign up just to get out of the house.

Nia- " The Intern" Team: Savage Ducks Description: Nia was a girl who was born to serve others. Such as much she grew up to be an intern. But the original contestant had to leave due to medical problems so the host had her fill in. As an actual contestant Nia ready to have some fun as long as it's allowed.

Skunk- " The Bad Hygiene" Team: Savage Ducks Description: Due to his terrible smell and the white streak in his hair. Everybody calls him Skunk, he's tried all types of deodorant to get rid of his stench, so far no luck.

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