Chris: Welcome back to another season to total drama folks. We thought since the last all-stars season went so well we're making another one so sit back and enjoy Total Drama All-Stars

"theme song plays"

Chris: Oh your back and here comes the planes so let's welcome leshawna loving uber geek, Harold

Harold: Gosh!!! "falls into water"

Chris: Pole loving soulful surfer, Bridgette

Bridgette: It was only one time!!! "falls into water"

Chris: Pathetic excuse for a super villain, Max

Max: Evil will have his revenge Mclainn!!!! "falls into water"

Chris: Max's former sidekick and lover, Scarlett

Scarlett: Lover? I don't think so!!! "falls into water"

Max: Don't try to resist my sexy evilness

Scarlett: Oh go if I knew they were letting you back I would've just stayed home

Chris: The Military Idiot, Brick

Brick: Sir yes sir "falls into water"

Chris: Tan in a can, Anne Maria

Anne Maria: If my poof get's wet I'll sue you chris!!! "falls into water"

Chris: Mama's boy, DJ

DJ: I'll win this for you MAMA!!!! "falls into water"

Chris: The twins of good and evil, Amy and Samey

Amy: Did I have to be introduce with her?! "falls into water"

Samey: I don't like this as much as you do "falls into water"

Chris: The athletic doofus who can't even get his own girlfriend to remember him Tyler

Tyler: To the Extreme!!!

Chris: The honey boo boo ripoff, Sugar

Sugar: Honey who what? "falls into water"

Chris: Our own annoying songbird, Ella

Ella: I am singing, As I am Falling when I hit the ground it'll surely make a sound "falls into water"

Sugar: Oh great "groans"

Chris: And my least favorite contestant, Ezekiel

Ezekiel: "growls" "falls down"

Contestants: AAHHHHH!!!!

Chef: If he's your least favorite contestant why did you bring him back?

Chris: It was either him or Leshawna

Harold: What?!

Chris: Finally total drama's piece of man-candy Alejandro but we had to settle for Justin

Justin: I'm way handsomer than that Spaniard "falls into water"

Chris: SO anyway greetings victims. As you know this our second all-stars season so you will be divide up into heroes vs. villains but before we do you may use the confessional

Harold: "in confessional" They chose the freak over the luscious leshwana, Gosh!

Sugar: "in confessional" Oh great ella's back that no good attention grabber just want to strangle her

Max: "in confessional" They made a grave mistake letting me back because now I'm more evil then ever "evil laughs"

Chris: For our first challenge you will be jumping off a cliff to find a key to your cabins then a teammate will push you to the cabins in a carriage first team to find the correct key and open it to their cabin wins, Losers will vote off one of their own

Justin: What no spa hotel?

Chris: Was destroyed if you watched the last all-stars season

Justin: Then why is Camp wawanakwa still here?

Chris: Idiot this is Pahkitew Island

Chris: So the teams are Amy, Anne Maria, Ezekiel, Justin, Max, Scarlett and sugar are the villainous vultures and Bridgette, Brick, Ella, Harold, DJ, Samey and Tyler are the heroic hippos so teams choose your carriage pusher

Anne Maria/ Justin/ Max/ Amy: It's mine no it's mine

Anne Maria: The "slaps Amy" Carriage is "punches max" Mine!! "kick Justin in the shins"

Bridgette: I think our strongest players should do it Dj or Tyler

Brick/ Harold: Hey!

Tyler: I'll do it

DJ: Hey Tyler mind if I do it I don't do well with heights

Tyler: Sure bud

Chris: Let the challenge begin

Challenge Performances

Samey: When about to dive Amy pushed so Samey grabbed Amy and they both fell down: Had no success finding the real key

Amy: Pushed Samey and was dragged down: No success finding the real key

Max: Stole Chef's Spaghetti Bazooka and fired it at brick then he laughed.. a lot : had no success finding the key

Brick: When about to dive Max fired hot spaghetti at him causing him to fall backwards: Did not find the real key

Harold: Did good dive but lost his shorts in the water: Had no success finding the real key

Justin: The sharks broke his fall and carried him to shore " did not find the real key

Anne Maria: Was good at pushing first but eventually got tired

DJ: Was good at pushing but accidentally ran over a bunny

Scarlett: took the spaghetti cannon and fired at Tyler's foot: Did not find the real key

Tyler: When about to dive hot spaghetti landed on his foot and twisted his ankle : no success in finding the real key

Sugar: Cannonballed so hard it knocked Bridgette off her balance: Did not find the real key

Bridgette: Was knocked off balance and landed on her head: Did not find the real key

Ezekiel: Said his first word ever since he got mutated everyone was shocked: Did not find the real key

Ella: Started singing and a pelican gave her the right key

Chris: Heroic Hippos win Vulture I'll see you at the elimination ceremony

Now it's your time to vote which villain do you wanna see flushed please vote in the comments below

1. You may only vote once a day and please no negative comments I worked hard on this

I'll post who being flushed as soon as I get some votes so start voting!

Thanks for the voting let the flushing begin

Chris: Unlike pervious seasons of letting you decide who should be going home we're letting the fans decide

Villanous vultures: What?

Chris: Now whoever has the most votes must take the dreaded flush of shame

Justin: "in confessional" There's no way they could vote off someone this gorgeous

Chris: The following players are safe Justin...Scarlett...Anne Maria...Max.. and Amy

Chris: Ezekiel and Sugar you are both low for being well disliked by the crowds

Sugar: Me? Ella's the dislikable one

Chris: Shut it, Sugar because you're the one going home tonight

Sugar: But I'm a star! "starts crying"

Chris/ Villainous Vultures: "watching sugar in the flush of shame: Ewwww

Chris: Ready to take your once of a lifetime bath, Sugar

Sugar: First I'd like to say how disrespectful yawl our to a successful pageant queen

Chris: Enough out of you "presses flush button"

Sugar: I'm coming again Wizard! "sugar has been flushed"

Chris: Well little miss pageant queen is gone and who knows what can happen next on Total Drama All-Stars

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