Hey my peeps it's me Trainwrecker I'm on Christmas break which means I've had time to catch up on Total Drama right now I've finished revenge of the island , which I've blogged about so moving on to all-stars. Good season but not my favorite so I decided to take a shot at it. I blog all-stars and decides which team loses but you the fans decides who gets eliminated so I hope it works here are the contestants and teams

Villanous Vipers "I changed the names" Amy, Anne Maria, Ezekiel, Justin, Max, Scarlett, Sugar


Feral Ezekiel Face

Nothing to fear

Sugarsnake (1)

Heroic Hawks: Brick, Bridgette, DJ, Ella, Harold, Samey, Tyler


Brick TDRI Rank

DJ Bubbles

Ella Wonders


                                            File:Samey 2.jpg

Tyler TDWT Rank

All this coming soon probably in January or February so Watch Out