Chris: Last time on Total Drama All-Stars, we served upped our contestants a hot n ready meal that will make them quake their pants. There were more hurling than we could count but the heroes lost again and Ella got the boot. See what happens next on Total Drama All-Stars!

Before the blog starts I just wanted to say commenting is down and IF you're ever in need to comment on something my blog will help. That is All.

"theme song plays"

Max: This suit will make the most powerful villain ever! BWAHAHA

Scarlett: "watching from a distance" Not If I have anything to say about it

Scarlett: Max, finally managed to make something useful now I just need to take it

Justin: Max is doing what now?

Scarlett: "gasps" Where did you come from?

Justin: Oh, I followed them

Villainous Vultures: Hey Scarlet "chuckles

Scarlett: "in confessional" Note to self make sure I'm not being followed at all times

"scene switches to heroes"

Brick: Keep up heroes, we need to be in tip top shape to beat the vultures

Bridgette: Isn't all this running gonna make us tired when it's challenge time

Tyler: Brick's right a little exercise never killed anyone

Samey: Too tired "faints"

Tyler: I stand corrected

Brick: Someone's gonna have to do CPR... Not it!

Tyler: Not it!

DJ: Dang it "does mouth to mouth on Samey"

Samey: Whoa thanks DJ "blushes"

DJ: You're welcome "blushes

Chris: Contestants meet me at the forest to explain your challenge

Chris: In about 6 hours you will be doing a nighttime challenge where you will have to race from here to the finish line

Brick: A challenge in the dark? "screams"

Chris: Don't worry Brick since the villains won last time they get night vision goggles

Villainous Vultures: "cheering"

Chris: I wouldn't be cheering for long because I'm switching teams now Max and Amy you are heroes. Bridgette and Tyler you are now villains

Amy/Max/Bridgette/Tyler: But WHY?!

Chris: Because I said so now get some rest your gonna need it for the challenge and P.S. there's some freaky blue moon that has strange effects on the animals

Justin: "in confessional" I guess my alliance with Amy is done unless... I convince Amy to sabotage the heroes, Genius!

Challenge Performances:

Amy: Teamed up with Samey and DJ but used Samey as a shield when they came in contact with killer bunnies: Place, 3rd

Anne Maria: The only villain who wanted to team up with her was Ezekiel but he saved her from a killer beaver, Place 7th

Bridgette: Was forced to walk the woods by herself but Bruno the Bear showed up and guided her to safety, Place 6th

DJ: Tried to pet a bunny but it bit him, Place 4th

Samey: Was about to be attacked by killer bunnies but brick saved her and carried her to safety, Place 2nd

Max: Used his super suit to glide through the animals was even calling himself DR. Evil but then Scarlett found his self destruct button, Place 5th

Scarlett: Got lost but found max's self destruct button to his suit and followed the explosion Place 9th

Ezekiel: Saved Anne Maria and now they are dating no matter how sickening it is, Place 8th

Justin: Him and Tyler got lost and fought each other but Justin splashed mud in Tyler's eyes, Place 10th

Tyler: Was in last place thanks to Justin, Place 11th

Brick: Was afraid at first but got over it to save a teammate from killer bunnies, Place 1st

Chris: Hippos finally win! As a reward you may keep the villains night vision goggles for future challenges and villains get to see me at the elimination ceremony

Villainous Vultures: "groans"

Heroic Hippos: "cheering"

Thanks for reading now it's time to vote off one of the villainous vultures. But this is for the people that just skipped to this part

Villainous Vultures: Anne Maria, Justin, Scarlett, Ezekiel, Bridgette "switched teams, and Tyler "switched teams". Sugar "eliminated"

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