Chris: Last time on total drama, teams went begging for buried treasure while Harold tried to sabotage the heroes captain Brick, Ezekiel won the challenge for the villains. So the Heroes gave Harold the boot see what happens next on Total Drama All-Stars

"theme song plays"

Brick: "in confessional" To make sure the heroes don't lose again, I'll be a the top of my game to make up the whole team's strength

Scarlett: "in confessional" I can't stand another second with Max! I need to sabotage my team so Max will be gone and I can focus on the million

Justin: "in confessional" I tried to make an alliance with Scarlett. That didn't work out so that leaves Anne Maria or Amy hmm

Max: Where's Chef with Breakfast even Evil needs nutrition

Justin: Maybe he's in the kitchen

" Max and Justin search the kitchen"

Max: Slave! have you found anything useful

Justin: I'm not your slave and I found this note

" Heroes and the Rest of Villains"

Tyler: Hey, where's chef I'm starving

Justin: Says here on this note we need to report to this location for our next challenge

DJ: A challenge? we haven't even had breakfast

Chris: All well be explained if you follow me

"they arrive at the obstacle course"

Chris: Welcome to a challenge we like to call Food Fright, Each team member we'll have to eat two stacks of pancakes until they're no more

Samey: So that's why there was no breakfast

Chris: No duh, Sherlock. Here you'll have go through an obstacle course from season 4, but this time we added the Spinner!

Tyler: Lame

Chris: Oh since the heroes thinks it's so lame the villains get a point!

Heroes: "groan" Tyler!

Chris: When the pancakes are finished you'll have to press the buzzer. Also if you barf you're out, let the challenge begin!

Justin: "in confessional" time to work my magic

Justin: Psst! Amy wanna be in an alliance

Amy: I do admit you are cute what else do you got?

Justin: If the heroes lose I can convince the heroes to vote off Samey!

Amy: Perfect! You have a deal

Challenge Performances:

Amy: thought blueberries were fish eyes and barfed, Time: 5:00

Samey: Got Amy's barf all over her but made good time, Time: 11:00

Tyler: barfed then slipped on it over and over again, Time: 10:00

Max: made good time but to ensure victory cranked up spinner to lvl 100, Time: 15:00

Scarlett: Went after Max, got on the crazy fast spinner and got flung into a tree, Time: 9:00

Bridgette: Accidentally swallowed a butterfly and puked, Time: 7:00

Brick: Used his military skills to finish the obstacle course, Time: 3:50

Justin: Did good but freaked out when the spinner messed up his hair: Time: 16:10

Ella: Was singing while stuffing her face then birds ate from her mouth, she puked, Time: 14:20

Anne Maria: Got mad when syrup got in her hair and punched the closest thing, DJ, Time: 8:50

DJ: Was doing good then Anne Maria punched started crying, Time: 19:00

Ezekiel: Won the challenge for the villains again!, Time: 2:30

Chris: Wow Ezekiel my man you're on fire, Heroes not so much so I'll see you at the elimination ceremony

Heroic Hippos: "groan"

Villainous Vultures: "cheering"

Sorry this took a while was a busy week at school so now please vote out a member of the heroic hippos in the comments below

Heroic Hippos: Bridgette, Brick, DJ, Ella, Samey, Tyler. Harold: "eliminated"

Thanks for Voting

Chris: Hippos, what happened. You guys have really been sucking wish I could send all of you home. But I can only send one so..

Chris: Brick, Bridgette, Samey, and Tyler are safe. Ella and DJ only one of you may get the last marshmallow

Chris: Ella you've proved to be pretty useless and DJ the same so the one going home tonight is..............Ella

Ella: Why me?

Chris: I dunno, ask the viewers at home

"scene switches to the flush of shame"

Chris: Guess this isn't the fairytale exit you expected, ey Ella.

Ella: Before I go may I sing one last song?

Chris and Heroic Hippos: No!!

Chris: Good riddance "presses flush button"

Ella: Do ra say mi fa so la goodbye! "Ella has been flushed"

Chris: Thank God we got rid of her, so see what happens on Total Drama All-Stars

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