Chris: Last time on total drama all-stars we welcomed back another batch of heroes and villains They dives, they fled, they sucked but in the end the heroes won and the villains sent sugar packing now tune in for Total Drama All-Stars

"theme song plays"

Chris: With my cameras all around the island I can spend a peaceful morning spying on my contestants "turns on tv"

Justin: "in confessional" Considering we lost the last challenge thee villains need a leader might as well be a gorgeous one, me

Max: "in confessional" Since on a team of villains I figured I needed an evil name, since I already nailed the laugh and the gadgets

Chef: Breakfast get it nice and hot or cold for that matter. I really don't know

Harold: Gosh! Again with the gross food since we won last time I think we deserve better

Chef: You want better "looks for spaghetti cannon" Wait where's my cannon

Max: If you mean this trash "drags over dismantled spaghetti cannon" You may have it

Chef: My baby "starts crying"

Samey: So what do you guys think the next challenge is gonna be?

Bridgette: Well as long as we win I'm down

Ella: "starts singing" Good morning everyone, I hope in our next challenge will be lost of fun, It'd be even better if my team won

Bridgette: "in confessional" I'm a usual chill person but does Ella have to sing all the time

Justin: Hello Scarlett your looking as radiant as I am so..

Scarlett: I know asking me to form an alliance so we can become unstoppable until you betray me so the answer is no

Ezekiel: Red girl, Smart

Justin: Whoa dude when did you start talking?

Scarlett: Previous episode our comrade Ezekiel learned how to talk again If I train him I could improve his speech patterns and win a Nobel prize

Justin: Not if I do what you just said

Max: I needed a new sidekick, but an evil pet sidekick is a bonus

Ezekiel: Purple Man, Dumb

Max: Dumb?! How dare you!

Anne Maria: Coming through my poof cost more than ya soul

Max: Apparently my team has no respect for evil!

Justin: No offense dude, but I think they only let you back because they were running out of villains

DJ: Justin that wasn't nice, Max try being something more realistic now shake hands

Justin: Dude your not my mom

Max: And if he was that make an abomination of a child "evil laughs

DJ: "in confessional" Mama says treating people with kindness is all right but violence is a no-no but max is irritating

Tyler: "in confessional" With Lindsay not here I'm gonna need some allies and if chef can convince DJ to join an alliance I can too

Tyler: What DJ looking for some alliance members you in?

DJ: sorry Brick beat you to it

Harold: He also asked me to join

Bridgette/ Ella/ Samey: Us too

Brick: What do ya say solider? could never have enough allies

Tyler: Okay

Harold: "in confessional" I'm in brick's alliance now but if we ever lose a challenge I'll convince everyone to vote him off so I'll be captain

Chris: "over loudspeaker" Challenge time meet at the beach

Chris: Hello, it's challenge time you must dig up around the beach to pieces of sculptures of mutants from previous seasons

Harold: We won last time can we please have a reward!

Chris: Fine heroes you get shovels, Villains use your hands

Anne Maria: I just got my nails done that ain't happening

Chris: Would you rather be flushed down a toilet

Anne Maria: "sighs" No

Chris: Well start digging first team to find all seven pieces to their sculptures wins!

Challenge Peformance

Amy: Formed an alliance with Anne Maria but got into an argument: Pieces Found: None

Anne Maria: Formed an alliance with Amy but argued over who's prettier: Pieces Found:1

Bridgette: Was distracted because she was daydreaming about Geoff: Pieces Found: None

Brick: Good at digging till a crab pinched his hand: Pieces Found: 2

DJ: Was thinking WWMD "what would mama do?": Pieces Found: 1

Ella: With sugar gone, Ella was free to sing but that's all she did: Pieces Found: None

Harold: Used his mad skills to find a piece and tried to sabotage brick: Pieces Found:1

Justin: Didn't dig because he was afraid his hands would get dirty: Pieces Found: None

Max: Used a Gold digger he built to find pieces: Pieces Found:2

Samey: Found a piece but dropped it and it cracks: Pieces Found: a broken one

Tyler: Tripped over Samey's broken piece: Pieces Found: none

Scarlett: Used her brain to calculate where the pieces where: Pieces Found:2

Ezekiel: Used his sniffing skills to win the challenge for the villains: Pieces Found:2

Chris: Vultures Win! Good Job Ezekiel turns out you really are useful, Hippos I'll see you at the elimination ceremony

Villainous Vultures: "chanting" Ezekiel, Ezekiel, Ezekiel!

Ezekiel: Ezekiel finally happy

Well look at that a happy ending for Ezekiel now please vote out one member of the heroic hippos in the comments below so one shall be flushed

Heroic Hippos: Brick, Bridgette, DJ, Ella, Harold, Samey, and Tyler

For all the people that didn't read the first blog

Thanks for voting who's been flushed!

Chris: Hippos that was a pathetic display of teamwork and if it was up to me you'd all be eliminated but it's not up to me it's up to the fans

Chris: So DJ...Bridgette...Brick...Samey...and Tyler are safe. Ella and Harold you are both low due to the votes, and the final marshmallow goes to...........................

Chris: Ella, Harold sorry bro you're out

Harold: Me? But Ella, Bridgette, and Tyler didn't even do anything. Gosh!!!!!!!!

"scene switches to the flush of shame"

Chris: Any last words

Harold: Well first off..

Chris: Sorry you're done 'presses flush button"

Harold: Let the force be with you all!!!! "Harold has been flushed"

Chris: With Harold gone, All sorts of things can happen at Total Drama All-Stars!!

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