Hey-oh this is a blog of my least favorite to favorite RR characters! yes


18th- The Larpers

Tdp rr leonard and tammy by jayspanish-d8xcz1v

Get a life, Larpers

17th- The Best Friends

Carrie Gags

Did someone order cliché romance?

16th- The Geniuses


Filler character alert!

15th- The Vegans
Miles Yells At Laurie

This is not how real vegans act

Okay-ish -

14th- Mom and Daughter
Taylor chokes Kelly

I like the mom but kill the duaghter

13th- The Daters

Snake attacks ryan

Let's hope they never get married

12th- The Stepbrothers


The total drama brady bunch

11th- Police Cadets

Macarthursanders last struggle

Thunder thighs and DO nothing to the rescue!

10th- Ice Dancers

Jacques josee take off

Oh Canada

Totally Awesome-

9th- Tennis Rivals


Aren't they too old for this show?

8th- Surfer Dudes


Brody a.k.a Backup Bridgette

7th- The Goths

Crimson, Ennui, and Loki

When goths was announced a team I was thinking gwen would be here

6th- Reality Tv Pros

5th- Father and Son

Junior lecturing Dwayne

Isn't family a wonderful thing?

4th- Rockers

Spud epc appears

Rock n Roll lives on

3rd- Fashion Bloggers


It's time for a Makeover!!!

2nd- The Sisters


Minecraft Total Drama Lol

1st- The adversity Twins

Jay allergies

Congratulations your number 1

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