What's good it's Trainwrecker back with one more list of team ideas for TDRR. There will be 20 teams so I'm just gonna write the other ten down here. So without any time to waste let's get started

11. Bozo and Chuckles " The Clowns"

These are the clowns, Chuckles is the more optimistic person while Bozo is pessimistic. Chuckles make children laugh and Bozo makes children cry they really balance out each other.

12. Ben and Terri " The Accountants"

Ben and Terri as the name suggests are Accountants and good ones at that. They plan on winning the game by using their intelligence and strategy but lack in brute force.

13. Blainely and Josh " The Reporters"

After being fire from Celebrity Manhunt these two are back for the money. Blainely is a pretty useless competitor and Josh has no good qualities but that doesn't mean they can't win right?

14. Zeus and Adonis " The Frat Bros"

These two knuckle- heads are as idiotic as they come. Zeus and Adonis just flunked out of college and need rent money so what better way to do it by winning a reality show. They'll take any opportunity to show off their muscles.

15. Shawn and Mark " The Conspires"

Shawn's back and has brought his friend Mark back with him. Shawn believes in zombies and Mark believes in aliens but they both refuse to say the other's theory is true which could ruin their game.

16. Clint and Frump " The Candidates"

It's pretty obvious on who these two are based off. Frump is a very loud and horrible person he's racist, sexist and hates children, I'd advise you'd not to vote for him. Clint on the other hand is quiet and secretive and does everything behind the scenes overall a very sketchy person.

17. Amanda and Sabrina " The Fashion Divas"

These fashion-forward divas are where it's at. They love fashion, limos, and money. The problem is they're spoiled children and believe it or not. Gus and Reginald are their fathers, and one of the reasons they signed up was to keep an eye on them.

18.Haggart and Macintosh " The Foreigners"

Haggart and Macintosh aren't from here in fact nobody knows where they came from. Just to be clear Macintosh is a girl just so there won't be any confusion.

19. Natalie and Ian " The Secret Agents"

Natalie and Ian are secret agents here to make sure nothing illegal happens in Total Drama. They are emotionless, cunning and hi-tech with all sorts of gadgets to use in challenges.

20. Uncle Joe and George " Uncle and Nephew"

Uncle Joe and his nephew George are a strange pairing. Uncle Joe is a forty-something alcoholic who resorts to violence and George is a 14- year old boy who still sleeps with a night light and suck his thumb. Uncle Joe may not act like it but her really cares about George.

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