What up fam and families? I'd like to announce my new series Total Drama: Fametown it's like a combination of Total Drama and Big Brother.

22 contestants are trapped in a deserted town where they have a chance to win 1 million dollars.
The contestants will be split up into two teams if one team wins a competition they are heads of household.
If you don't watch big brother, head of household is your basically the king of the house and the king's duty is to put people up for elimination.
But it will be a team vote for nominations unlike big brother.

The nominees will have a chance to win the veto competition to get off the chopping block.

So the team has to pick another player to put up as a replacement.
Finally the losing team will choose which nominee to send home.
Last person standing wins, but I need help with the contestants so this is where you come in if your interested in your own original total drama character ideas competing please fill out the application form in the comments below. Only 22 contestants so only 22 will get in.



Team: Lethal Lions or the Vicious Vipers



Place: 1st to 22nd

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