Top 5 characters of revenge of the island in my opinion

1st-Scott, He's a scheming dirt farmer words i'd thought i'd never say before. At first I thought he was gonna be Ezekiel 2.0. but I stand corrected I like how old fashioned but funny and evil too it's a triple threat overall in my opinion great character

2nd- Sam, another great character who I can also relate to he's like the inner child I keep bottled up inside.. with a lock.

3rd- Jo, Like I said in my previous blog I was going to talk about this reused Eva and I thought it was gonna be as crappy as the stuff stuck to my shoe. But seeing how they actually used the female jock stereotype in a good way i'm impressed.

4th- Lightning, Sha-bam is number #4 on my list not beacause of his overwhelming strength or his athleticness but he sure is good at being a comic relief his overwhelming stupidness which I respect is why he's number #4.

5th-Zoey, Zoey is a kinda of a nice person except when she goes commando it like I'm watching the total drama hunger games. Her relationship with mike is okay but I kinda was rooting for him to get together with Anne Maria. Her nice attitude and sticking up for Cameron is why she's number #5

            The neutral characters  of total drama revenge of the island

6th- Multiple Mike, Mike is wild card with his personalities and that makes him funny but when I looked it up I'm surprised how they took something as depressing as M.P.D and made it funny.

7th- Anne Maria, Anne Maria is something you wouldn't call classy but I'm cool with that and as previously stated still hoping for her and mike to get together.

8th- Brick, I like how he's not selfish and he helps his team unlike Jo but. Brick I a wet blanket and those kind of people don't bring ratings.

9th- Dakota, Rich little daddy's girl made number #9 on my list her relationship with Sam was adorable but only as a last result for love because she got turned into a mutant was sad, romantic, and complicated. She'd be higher every time Her and Sam kiss when she's in mutant form I gag a little in my mouth

                      My least 3 favorite total drama revenge of the island characters

10th- Silent B, His mime act got old and I'm glad Scott gave him the boot. Now if he talked he'd be higher up the list but since he didn't he's stuck at 10th place.

11th- Dawn, This moon hippie was srsly annoying thank God, Her and Scott aren't a canon couple even though they're a re a couple of shipping memes about them. I prefer the Scott and Courtney relationship, so Dawn go date Mr.Coconut.

13th Staci, My least favorite revenge of the island character srsly Staci nobody wants to hear ABOT YOUR EXAGGERATED FAMILY. At first I thought Staci was gonna be the main antagonist because of her stereotype the liar you know lying to the other contestants non-stop, but instead we got a crappier liar.

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