25th-Sadie, overall she's just a fat white version of Katie and the whole they share brain thing isn't cute how do you expect a five year old to laugh at that.

24th Katie, was really just too talkative and like I said about the they share a brain not funny.

23rd Eva, her stereotype was good and they could've used it for a lot of scenarios but they didn't which is why they created jo which I will blog about later.

22nd Lindsay , look i know some of you must've found the dumb blonde funny but in my defense I don't think most idiots are funny, not saying all just most.

21st Justin ,yeah he was male version of Lindsay who has the power to seduce almost any female and make most guys gay for him, especially Owen. But that in my opinion wasn't laugh-worthy

20th Sierra , the stalker stereotype was funny at fist then just got creepy and poor Cody. Sierra's Cody obsession was the only reason Cody made it so far in world tour.

19th Beth, the wannabe was more pitiful than funny in fact I was hoping Duncan got to face somebody else in the TDA final like Harold or Courtney even but no we got Beth.

18th Trent, he was cool in the first season but his mental issues in season two made me glad they don't use him no more.

                                    Neutral Zone for all the neutral characters

17th Blainely, it was either her or Trent to start off the neutral so I flipped a coin and it landed tails so I chose blainely

16th Geoff, I don't hate the party guy but his act got old quick, but I admit it was cool to see him win the Ridonculous Race

15th Bridgette, She's on the neutral list for her bland personality but good sex appeal and p.s. You and Geoff need to get a room !

14th Harold, the uber geek is just right for the neutral list he's funny in geekish sort of way but other times we wanna go inside the TV and tell him to shut up

13th Heather, the first ever villain of total drama like I understand every show needs a villain but heather's a but she's on the neutral list fir her great performance on World Tour

12th Izzy, sometimes I admire Izzy's insane antics but other times I'm happy she's not real

11th Cody, I was so cheesed off when he got the boot just for being mauled for a bear I felt he should've sued, not Courtney, But the whole public affection with sierra on season 3 brought him one ticket to the neutral list

                                The 10 total drama characters that I Love

10th Duncan, He would've been at least number 5 but for what he did to Courtney on season 3 wanted me to see him get the drop of shame

9th Leshawna, Miss Bootylicious was cool in my book but her relationship with Harold sickens me.

8th Noah, Smart Aleck was hilarious in season 3 and I was shocked and happy when they announced Noah was in the ridonculous race I know he wasn't gonna win but he should've at least got 4th place.

7th Gwen, The goth is so cool but she's not exactly my favorite but she's still the coolest character in total drama history until I'm proven wrong

6th DJ, Mama's boy kinda reminds of myself except for the crying part but I still love my mama like the way DJ does, but I'm also tough

5th Alejandro or Al, He may be exactly like Justin but his accent in season 3 was impressive but in All Stars he sounds like my friend Robert pretending to be a spainard

4th Owen, Owen also reminds me of myself except I'm obviously not as fat as that but I do like making friends and I have to say O wen and Noah's three stooges act is hilarious can't wait too see more.

3rd Courtney, Courtney is on my top 3 for her good attitude her villainous streak and the fact how I ship scottney overall great character

2nd Ezekiel, this homeschooled ghetto boy had me laughing every time he said something and yes I even like his feral form it makes me think he could be my new pet.

1st Tyler I'm an extreme Tyler fan he is my favorite original contestant and I was rooting for him the two seasons he was on sad see he got eliminated both time I really hope he appears again 4 real this is trainwrecker blogging out and remember these are my opinion so don't take them seriously