What up everyone? It's Trainwrecker with some more team ideas for TDRR. I know last time I used characters from other franchises but this time I will only be using total drama characters and my own total drama people. So let's get started

1. DJ and his Mama " Mother and Son"

I figured since nowadays DJ can't spend five minutes without his mama why not be a team on the Ridonculous Race. Now his mom can knock some sense up in this dude.

2. Mr. Harrison and Jet " Teacher and Student"

Now this team is something I made up myself. Mr.Harrison is a very strict teacher who hates disrespect and Jet is a rebel without a cause who hates homework, that forced to work together.

3. Sam and Fred " The Gamers"

Now when I say "sam" I mean the one from Total Drama not a person I made myself. But as for Fred he's a totally different gamer than Sam he"s not very sociable and very skinny, but he refuses to talk to anyone but a fellow gamer.

4.Eva and Jo " The Jockette's"

Well since they pretty much have the same stereotype why not? They're both tough, mean, and don't take crap from anybody so I really think they'd be a great duo.

5. Brick and Hannah " The Military Buddies"

Brick was honestly a great character with little screen time so it would make sense for him to show up for the spin-off. As for Hannah she's Brick's buddy from boot camp who's here to get the job done at any costs.

6. Bonnie and Clyde " The Southern Antagonists"

I'll just let you guys know right now if I were to make this a season these two would be the antagonists. Bonnie is a master manipulator who doesn't like getting her hands dirty. Clyde is a big brainless brute who would do anything for Bonnie.

7. Max and Scarlett " The Evil Geniuses"

Max and Scarlett were great together in TDPI and were two of my favorites from that season. Their both always competing to see who's going to be the leader of the two.

8. Gus and Reginald " The Rich Golfers"

Gus and Reginald are two rich guys that like to go golfing together. They are both suffering from a mid-life crisis so there prone to making stupid decisions.

9.Katie and Sadie " Bff's"

They barely had any time in any season and I felt that with this spin-off Total Drama could've took advantage of this and gave them screen time. But no they just gave it to Owen and Geoff " had enough screen time already" and Leonard who they just used to eliminate in the first episode.

10. Otis and Betsy " The Old Timers"

Otis and Betsy have been together for years and know everything about each other. They may be old but they have... really no skills what so ever. They can't even remember why they signed up for this show.

Well that's all for now guys I'll make the third and final list soon and maybe write a fanfiction about this who knows? But for now stay classy

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