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  • Trainwrecker

    Yeah wanted to spit out a new blog.

    Anyways this is who I think will come back for Total Drama Daycare

    Well first of all from the teaser picture it's confirmed Courtney, Duncan, Owen, Izzy, and Beth are coming back.

    But a character from 6teen is coming also? Jude.

    I could see Jonesy there, since his voice actor has had a pretty big role in Total Drama. If you don't know Jonesy's voice actor voiced Don from the Ridonculous Race.

    Other than that I don't see any other 6teen characters coming back. :/

    Now for Total Drama contestants, we know it's just limited to season one so.

    Also there's a youtuber named TotalDramaNoah who covers a lot of this stuff so you should check him out.

    Getting back on topic, in one of his videos he said. Harold's voice acto…

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  • Trainwrecker

    TD6: NANI?!

    December 19, 2017 by Trainwrecker

    Lol. I know hardcore total drama fans already know the news, but the new season of total drama is going to TOTAL DRAMA DAYCARE.

    Here's a pic and synopsis if you dont believe me.

    CAKE, Fresh TV, Corus Entertainment’s TELETOON and Cartoon Network are partnering on a prequel of the Total Drama animated reality franchise called Total Drama Daycare.

    Total Drama Daycare re-introduces a number of characters, including Owen and Courtney, as toddlers with fully formed teenage personalities. The 52×11-minute show is currently in production for broadcast on Cartoon Network in the U.S. and TELETOON in Canada next year.

    Created by Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertsch, the Total Drama franchise first began airing with the premiere of Total Drama Island in 2007…

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  • Trainwrecker

    I haven't been on this wiki for a while....... lol. Anyway I just came here to discuss the possibility of the new total drama season being on netflix. I dont think it's possible for it to be on Cartoon Network because I checked and they havent renewed a new season of Total Drama. The question is where do cartoons go when their not being treated right by their network? Netflix of course, It's revived Voltron, Magic School Bus "not sure if that one's actually gonna be good" and for some reason they even rebooted VeggieTales. Now dont get me wrong reboots can be trash, but I feel like if it's done by Netflix it will be done way better than on Cartoon Network.

    Anyway leave a comment if you agree of disagree, lol.

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  • Trainwrecker

    TD6 Predicitions

    May 19, 2017 by Trainwrecker

    It's been a while everyone but Trainwrecker is back. So basically I was chilling onYoutube one day and then I see all this Total Drama is returning and I'm like: "hold up lemme do my research before I get hyped"  Then I saw it was confirmed and I"M SO EXICTED!!!!!!!  With it not returnin to like 2018 or something, I figured I might as well make some predictions.

    Here's an idea I came up with:

    WINNERS VS LOSERS: So basically it's the all the finalists of the shows versus the Total Drama's biggest losers

    Episodes: 26 at least.

    Place: Probably Boney Island since the original one sank.

    Elimination Device: Maybe like a Hole of Shame?


    Dakotazoid- 24th

    Sugar- 23rd

    Beth- 22nd

    Heather and Alejandro- 21st/20th

    Justin- 19th

    Mike- 18th

    Duncan- 17th


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  • Trainwrecker

    Wow... A whole year

    December 6, 2016 by Trainwrecker

    As you all know today I have officially been on this wiki for a year now. It's been great this wiki is so cool but I also wanted to annnounce my new fanfic called Total Drama Revenge of The Island: My Way the first two chapters are done and I'm currently working on the third. IT's on another wiki so I'll have to leave a link.

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