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  • I was born on September 27
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  • Totaldramasuperfan101
    There are so many couples on total drama. The question is who's the best? Is it Gwuncan(Gwen and Duncan)? Or Dourteny (Duncan and Courteny) ? I know my favorite is probably Zoey and Mike considering their extremely stable relationship. So what do you think? Who's the best? Tell me all about it in the comments section below.

    Please excuse any spelling errors.

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  • Totaldramasuperfan101

    Who suits you?

    September 7, 2014 by Totaldramasuperfan101

    You know, we spend so much time comparing one td character to another that we never think to compare one to ourselves. That may sound a little weird but, hear me out. Which td character do you think is like you most? Are you a bit nerdy like Cameron (tdri) or a jock like Lightining. Are you big,loud,and proud like Leshawna (tdi) or quiet and in the background like Dawn (tdri). How about a surfer girl like Bridgette (tdi)  or a mean girl like Heather. Which ever character you are hit me up on the comments section below. ;) 

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  • Totaldramasuperfan101

    Ah summer. The end of school and the start pool parties, tv, and way too much free time. It also means that season 6 of total drama is coming out! So, I got an idea from a genius blogger ( like myself ) who asked who's the the greatest ANtagonist. So I decided to ask you who's the greatest PROtagonist. So, who would do think is the greatest hero? Is it super nice Zoey or brainiac Cameron? Or maybe even blogger/stalker Sierra? I want to hear all about it so post your comments on who's the greatest hero. The character with most comments is the winner! The results will be announced on July 6.

    Zoey is super nice and easy to get along with. It's really hard not to like her. She likes everybody except for jocks and mal.

    Aside from Mike's altern…
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