Before i begin sorry for my engilsh.

So i planned this island that there are 26 episodes in it , that will go as the following

There will be 4 teams , 2 teams going against each other and 2 other teams going against each other , the 2 teams that fight dont know about the other 2 team that fight. 

two teams of 7 each are on the left side of the island and two teams of other 7 each  are on the other side of the island without knowing about the other existing.

Episode one will be on the left side of the island and someone will be booted

Episode  two will be on the right side of the island and someone will be booted as well

Episode three will be on the left side of the island and voted off 

Episode four will be on the right side of the island and someone will be voted off

And on and on


once every 2 teams are merging to one ,  they found out about what happend on the other side of the island and then the merged people becomes a team that goes against the other merged people from the other side. (7 from each side)

And then final 3 and a winner.

Heres the four team

Frozen Tiger Vs Angry Shark

Frozen tiger members

Scarlett - people on the side of the island wont know her true nature , and she'll try to be friendly... for now.

Geoff - upset with bridgette not being in this season (at least thats what he thinks) he begins to connect with dawn , as she reminds him of her , and they get together , and also fighting with alejnadro about TDWT stuff.

Trent - Trent will try not to be crazy and redeem himself with sucess , and try to apologize to gwen who isnt on this part of the island.

Dakota - Dakota starts as dakotazoid but then find a cure on the island making only her hair green , and she comes back to normal and overall has a nicer personallity cause shes with sam.

Dawn - Dawn will feel scarlett's not pure aura , and try to tell that to people and also have some connection with geoff 

Dave - he pretty much came back to seek revenge on every PI contesnant out there. ( wannabe antgonist)

Rodney - will fall inlove with everyone till he will be booted off.

Angry shark Members

Ella- ella will try to get dave's attention with no success , and will get really upset untill duncan will show up and make her feel better , making her fall inlove with duncan as it was a "fairy tale moment"

Duncan - Duncan is glad being free with both gwen and courtney , and helping ella after she cryed which made her have a crush on him.

Alejandro - alejandro and geoff keep fighting , and alejandro also trys to boot ella , with no success twice.

Jo - she will try and be the leader of the crew ,which make her booted off quickily.

Tayler - tayler is trying to be with lindsay , and tell people how bad alejandro really is , but quits because the island is filled with chickens shortly.

Lindsay - Lindsay keep being with tayler , and she confused and thought Dave was taylor once , which made Ella and her conflict.

Samey - Samey is there , with no sign of amy and she becomes a very loved person. for now.

And on the other side of the island~!

Useless panda Vs Nasty bait

Useless Panda team

Amy- Keep conflicting with izzy , cause izzy anooys her and she hates her (with more players amy hates)

Izzy - will try to help out owen in some missons , but she makes him leave which make her go crazy and become an antgonist till she booted.

Brick - Brick will look for someone to take orders from , and this someone is a zombie maniac , who makes him do awful stuff.

Shawn - Shawn is gonna drive brick crazy , and try to get with jasmine which is on the other team.

Gwen - will be mad and keep going head to head against courtney , who trys to ruin her life. and starting to miss trent.

D.J. - he saw brick and shawn abusing a rabbit making sure thats it not a zombie , and D.J. trys to boot them off , with no success and he gets booted. :(

Heather - She is gonna try to be fake to get friends like shawn amy and brick who havent met her in order to try and boot contestants like D.J and gwen.

The Nasty Bait team

Owen - will mostly fart and be funny and will quit so sierra could join instead

Bridgette-Bridgette which is sad that she is without geoff again making new foes , like max and mike because she was the one who planned to vote them off.

Mike - no one trusted mike because the whole mal thing and they made him a loner till he got voted off (courtney told everyone about that)

Max - will keep saying how evil he is and how scarlett is bad , and get booted off first (with warning everyone about scarlett)

Cody - thinks about breaking up with sierra who stalks him which makes her come to the show , which make him break up with her

Sierra arives at episode 3 - at episode 3 she asks owen to give her a spot in the contest to get things staright with cody , which make cody break up with her calling her a freak and she trys to get his attention.

Jasmine - will try too get friendly with shawn which is from the other team , making her team not liking her.

Courtney - Trys to get revenge on gwen because she wont forgive her.

Now that both team got merges , thats gonna get interesting.

Frozen shark team (both frozen tiger and hungry shark members are in there (7 memebers))

Geoff - will see bridgette , while kissing dawn making dawn mad at him for not telling her he has a GF

Dawn - will be mad at geoff for not telling her he has a GF and trys to talk with bridgette , with no success.

Samey - Samey see Amy on the island , and amy starts to ruin samey's life.

Scarlett- she hided her true form well , but people now starting to know about her real nature cause shawn is here , and Dawn kept telling her team to vote her off.

Trent - Trent was about to quit the show , when he saw gwen on the other team which made him stay and try and talk to her

Alejandro - after geoff broke al's teeth(much like heather)  , Al is all about revenge for him dawn and bridgette. 

Ella - for some reason Ella found alejandro nice , and kept talking to him after he tryed booting her off and she became his ally.

The Nasty panda team (both Useless Panda and Nasty bait team members are in there (7 members))

Heather - she sees alejandro and they are starting to share plans and future plans starting to get people voted out.

Amy - Amy has a big smile when she meets samey , and keep harrasing her over , and over again.

Gwen - Gwen will see trent and try to avoid him as she found him odd and a creep.

Bridgette - seeing geoff kissing dawn , told geoff thats theres "no hard feelings" and they broke up , making her a secret antgonist.

Cody - after successfuly running away from sierra and being on the same team with gwen he is happy and stalking gwen , every time.

Brick - Brick allied with shawn begins to question their ally cause he found out shawn lied to him.

Shawn - upset with jasmine getting voted off , and brick being his only ally trys to make a plan which blows up his face. and warns everyone about scarlett.

I would like to see your opnions about the idea.

Also tell me if you want me to do voting off order from the merges (ill be glad too i just need some encourangement)

Please leave your opnions ill be glad to get them , and also write your own vote off list! :)

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