• Before i start this is NOT a voting blog just an opnion blog.

So i just found out TDWT and TDAS  (along with TDI TDA TDRI And TDPI) had some exlusives i have never seen before! since i watch total drama online , so ill be glad to get your opnions about your favorite ones , heres mine

5.Sam's TDAS it was a great refrence , most TDAS exlusives were REALLY good.

4.TDPI max's/ella's tape , just loved both of them. so thats a tie. :D

3.TDWT Alejandro's massage , he deserved it , i enjoyed EVERY moment.

2. TDWT Bridgette's fall , i always wondered how she landed with a pole stuck to her face. it was extremely funny. :D

1. TDAS heather , this was just SO GREAT. she got her TOUNGE stuck to a pole as a refrence to bridgette and al , i found it amazingly funny.

So , what yours? ill be glad to hear! :D

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