Am i the only one who noticed that?

Lets take pakihthew's island for an expl , All the 7 Girls who competed had a solid storyline , and everyone has an opnion about them cause all of them got enough screen time.

The boys , Topher was the only one who looked nice from the boys , while the girls had a lot of nice looking people... and the only one who had a real storyline from the boys were topher...

All the rest , which were Max and shawn and dave , were used to make the girls shine , if you think about it.

And the boys werent likeable...

When you have a favorite person from TD , it has to be either a girl , Duncan or cody.

Non other boy would be as common...

Dont you guys agree? even on TDI the main fight were between gwen and heather.


On TDI the main plot were between Gwen and heather , both girls.

The main plot on TDA were between Lindsay and beth Vs courtney and duncan , most of the people i named were girls.

The screenhoggers in TDWT were Seirra , Heather , alejandro , Courtney and duncan (as soon as he came back) Cody wasnt a screenhoggers , since he had no lines. (most of the people i named were girls)

TDRI Zoey got godplayed hard , Zoey is the only one from the finale 3 who had a decent plot in the season , (I Dont like Zoey tho) 

And Staci , was the only female contestant ever to be competing in only 1 episode.

Jo were kinda god playing too if you think about it... just saying.

TDAS Screenhoggers: courtney zoey mike gwen alejandro again , most of the people i named were girls. the season only had 2 plots. Courtney and gwen and mike zoey and alejandreo...

TDPI: i already stated what i think. c:

Also , in TDWT list me a list of all male only sang song from TDWT (non - aftermath)

Heres a list of songs that only girls sang:

Sheering sheeps

Stuck to a pole

Boyfriend kisser

thats all i can remmeber , any boys only songs? 

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