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    • Before i start this is NOT a voting blog just an opnion blog.

    So i just found out TDWT and TDAS  (along with TDI TDA TDRI And TDPI) had some exlusives i have never seen before! since i watch total drama online , so ill be glad to get your opnions about your favorite ones , heres mine

    5.Sam's TDAS it was a great refrence , most TDAS exlusives were REALLY good.

    4.TDPI max's/ella's tape , just loved both of them. so thats a tie. :D

    3.TDWT Alejandro's massage , he deserved it , i enjoyed EVERY moment.

    2. TDWT Bridgette's fall , i always wondered how she landed with a pole stuck to her face. it was extremely funny. :D

    1. TDAS heather , this was just SO GREAT. she got her TOUNGE stuck to a pole as a refrence to bridgette and al , i found it amazingly …

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    Am i the only one who noticed that?

    Lets take pakihthew's island for an expl , All the 7 Girls who competed had a solid storyline , and everyone has an opnion about them cause all of them got enough screen time.

    The boys , Topher was the only one who looked nice from the boys , while the girls had a lot of nice looking people... and the only one who had a real storyline from the boys were topher...

    All the rest , which were Max and shawn and dave , were used to make the girls shine , if you think about it.

    And the boys werent likeable...

    When you have a favorite person from TD , it has to be either a girl , Duncan or cody.

    Non other boy would be as common...

    Dont you guys agree? even on TDI the main fight were between gwen and heather.


    On TD…

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    Before i begin sorry for my engilsh.

    So i planned this island that there are 26 episodes in it , that will go as the following

    There will be 4 teams , 2 teams going against each other and 2 other teams going against each other , the 2 teams that fight dont know about the other 2 team that fight. 

    two teams of 7 each are on the left side of the island and two teams of other 7 each  are on the other side of the island without knowing about the other existing.

    Episode one will be on the left side of the island and someone will be booted

    Episode  two will be on the right side of the island and someone will be booted as well

    Episode three will be on the left side of the island and voted off 

    Episode four will be on the right side of the island and som…

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