14. Jo - VilliansEdit

Jo acted like she was in control of the villians. Heather was in on it to, but they had a plan to vote her off later on. Gwen, Heather, Duncan, and Lightning were in on the vote. Alejandro and Scott were not in on the vote because Jo was not a threat to those two.

13. Sam - HeroesEdit

Sam was starting to get lazy in the challenge that they had and they could not take it anymore. The people in on the vote were Mike, Zoey, Cameron, and Courtney. Lindsay and Sierra were not in on the vote because they thought that Sam should have had one more chance before getting the boot.

12. Duncan - HeroesEdit

Duncan was focused on what Courtney was saying about him way to much. So all of the heroes agreed to give him the boot that night. 

11. Heather - VilliansEdit

The villians had planned to vote off Heather since the first day her and Jo made rivals. She was fighting with Jo on team captain. In the challenge they had, Heather spent all of her time dedicated to trying to trick Alejandro. She was the contestant to make the villians lose. Everybody was in on the vote that night.

10. Lightning - VilliansEdit

The team voted him off because he had totally flunked the challenge with his self obsession. He barely even knew it was a vote that night. He had voted for Gwen while everyone else voted off him, causing Lightning to take the boot that night.


09./08. Sierra and CameronEdit

Now that it was the merge, Chris made the challenge on whoever lost, took the boot. Cameron was very weak in the challenge and did not make it through. When Cameron lost, Sierra was way to upset to continue without Cameron or Cody. So after that, she quit the game with Cameron.

07. ScottEdit

Scott was one vote away from not going home. Alejandro 3 votes, Gwen, Courtney, and Scott. Thanks to Alejandro, Mike, Zoey, and Lindsay, Scott was forced to take the boot.

06. LindsayEdit

Lindsays votes were only because of Courtney. She had told Mike, Zoey, and Gwen that she wasnt really in need to be in the competition. Only because of her being unintellegent and stuff like that. Mike Zoey and Gwen only agreed because it was easier to get Lindsay out of the way. Alejandro refused to agree with Courtney and voted for Courtney herself. but Lindsay took the boot.

05. ZoeyEdit

Zoey's losing was not because of a vote. For the second time, It was a challenge for whoever lost. Zoey had lost because of Mal and took the flush of shame.

04. AlejandroEdit

Alejandro had Courtney, Mike, and Gwen vote him off. Alejandro tried to warn everyone about Mal, but just did not have the chance. Then, Mike or Mal told Courtney and Gwen to vote off Alejandro. They said they were already planning on it.

03. GwenEdit

Mal had to have some sort of plan to vote off one of them. He chose Gwen and told Courtney a terrible lie. Courtney voted with Mal and then Gwen took the boot.

Runner Up - MikeEdit

When Courtney and Gwen found out about the Mal thing, Zoey, Gwen, Courtney, and the rest of the cast found a way to bring in Mike. When Mike was better, Courtney was stronger. Mal is stronger and faster than Mike, but now that he was gone, Courtney had a huge advantage to win, and did!