Today, I wanna talk about who my favorite characters are. But it is very hard to choose out of 38 (not including Chris and Chef). But I just thought about it and I finally have a Top 10

Number 10

Number Ten on the list is probably Zoey. To be honest, I do agree with a lot of people on the wiki. Zoey has no personality as for the looks of it. It seems hard to believe that she is dating a boy that used to have 5 of them. But she is on the list because she does have a tendency to be awesome when she goes commando at certain times.

Number 9

Number 9 on the list is Sierra. I do know that a lot of people love Sierra, but at least she was 9. She is awesome, but she is also very very weird and it is sometimes hard to believe she was able to make it far! She is funny, aim gonna give her that though.

Number 8

Number 8 is Izzy. I am totally going to admit that Izzy is the most funniest character other than Lindsay and Sierra. She is hilarious, but does it ever show that they don't keep her in the game long enough to let you know how she really is. Sure, they put her in the final 7 in TDI, but she has left in every single season for a stupid reason!

Number 7

Number 7 is Lindsay. I do think Lindsay should have been in TDAS longer than 1 episode. She is hilarious. But your probably asking why she is 7. Well, I don't have anything bad to say about Lindsay. I just had to put her somewhere on the list, and she ranks 7.

Number 6

Number 6 is Katie. Same thing with Lindsay, I had to rank Katie somewhere. But there is one thing about her. Maybe if they kept her in the game for longer than 5 episodes and only in one season and in the aftermaths, she would have maybe ranked higher!

Number 5

This is a total obvious choice. It is Alejandro. He reminds me of myself, honestly. Mean, and knows how to get through. I had to put Alejandro on this spot because of that only reason.

Number 4

My choice for Number 4 is Heather. Same as Alejandro, she reminds me of myself. She also knows how to play the competition. I think that when Heather won TDWT in the USA, I finally got the wish I wanted! She deserved to win that season!

Number 3

Number 3 is totally Gwen. I really like Gwen. When she is being offended, she knows how to stick up for herself. She is trustworthy, she makes easy friends, and she some how knows how to attract boys. She is awesome!!! And I think that Gwen definitely deserved to be in the final two in the first ever Total Drama season!!!

Number 2

Number 2 is Courtney. She is smart, she has dreams that I know she can accomplish, and I though it was a good idea in TDA to make the host keep you in the game! She struggled through a lot at the time of Total Drama World Tour. She then got over it and moved on with her life, not caring about the two people who disobeyed her!!

Number 1

My favorite Total Drama character out of all of them is Dawn. She is just like me. She cares about all of the animals that live out in this world. She is never ever predictable. She never likes to get in fights with anyone in her surrounding. She tries to avoid people who are mean, and will try to vote her off. But unfortunately, she had to deal with one of those people, causing her to go home. She is nice, friendly, and always will help with problems! That is why Dawn is the best!!!

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